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Support & Maintenance - SGF Services
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Support & Maintenance

It is utmost important that a website stays in prime condition and is regularly updated and SGF Services ensures that your website works efficiently in this information age. SGF Services provides complete support & care for website health, including website maintenance, website support services, website health audit, website redesign or website upgrade or up-scaling. We have fathered the best technical hands who listen to your issues and then take the necessary steps to ensure that your website is performing flawlessly.

Website Redesign

If your website looks like the 1990s or you want to incorporate major changes, this is ideal for you because we will redo the most part of the website from scratch. An outdated website can be one of your biggest hindering factors, so getting a website revamped and updated should always be a priority. Remember, like fashion; a good website is never “finished’. To go along with your awesome website, you will most likely need recurring maintenance or some sort of support team. This is where we come in!

Benefits of using SGF Services for your Website Support & Maintenance in Bangkok.

Handing over the website support & maintenance services to SGF Services will help you to substantially decrease expenses by getting rid of hiring an in-house full-time programmer.

Your website runs smoothly and fast, the pages load quickly and there is no server downtime or DNS resolution problem so the user experience is always awesome.

Our support service is available 24*7 so whenever an issue strikes you, we are there to help you out the earliest possible.
Having developed your website, we have the advantage of knowing the complete coding architecture and thus, we would be faster than anyone else in troubleshooting your problems.We always have a backup of your website ready for us so if anything goes bad, we can always fall back to a tried and trusted edition of the website.

We always have a backup of your website ready for us so if anything goes bad, we can always fall back to a tried and trusted edition of the website.

We operate from Thailand so the complete advantage of technology job outsourcing would be yours and the cost cutting would be amazing.

Our Key Skills for Support & Maintenance

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Our Support & Maintenance Services In Thailand

Proactive Website Health Check

When our packages are subscribed to, we will run weekly routine health check of the complete website and remove the errors we find.

Complete Website Audit

Ideal if your website was made by some other agency. We will run a thorough and complete checking of every aspect of the website and find out the minutest errors and squash those bugs.

Website Feature Integration/ Upscaling

This is the perfect solution if the website is working fine but you need a new feature integrated or similar. We can do this without breaking what is working.


Watch our explainer video for ongoing website maintenance


Why does my website need regular maintenance, updates and support?

If you’ve ever come upon a website for a business, a restaurant or some place you are trying to visit. You’ve read their information and when you go there or contact them, find out that the information you read on their website is outdated. Infuriating right? Regular maintenance and updates are needed in order to keep your clients informed and provide them with a good customer experience.

What kind of updates or maintenance might my website need?

Websites can undergo all sorts of changes at any time. These changes and updates can range from changing a couple of words here and there, to uploading an article, to managing your website images, assets and products. If you’re unsure of “how much” maintenance or support you need, just contact us!

How long do these changes, updates and maintenances periods take?

The answer to this really depends on what needs changing or updated. When the update request is made, our support team will have informed you the details of the update (what will be done, how long it will take, etc). But minor changes will typically be done within 24 business hours.

Is this service different if I had my website developed elsewhere, compared to having it developed by SGF Services?

If the website has been previously developed by SGF Services, we will deploy a fully qualified and dedicated team to regularly upkeep the website including updating the contents along with the technology. If the website was developed elsewhere, you can still hand us over the support and maintenance duties for a nominal charge.

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