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Video Marketing - SGF Services
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Video Marketing

We have so many clients who already are reaping rich benefits from our online video marketing initiative and you can be the next. Let’s collaborate to create some awesome videos and promote them using online video marketing from SGF Services.

Your Video Marketing Agency in Bangkok

We watch more videos than we read texts, articles and blogs, simply because videos are much more entertaining than text. It is time that you exploit this human nature and launch your online video campaign. Don't fret if you know nothing, SGF Services will help you in every step of your campaign. Whether you online video marketing needs explainer videos, whiteboard animations or simply stunning visual representation of your products and services, we will create everything and cater to the demography who would love it the most. Our videos are on YouTube and other online video sharing platforms and on numerous client sites, earning millions of views. Using engaging visual and enriching audio message, SGF services is changing the fate of online video marketing in Thailand for multiple companies.

We have created how-to videos or whiteboard animation, for this purpose or that, at different budgets, for different companies’ online video marketing. We undergo several iterations before producing the final video. You will not find one single client who didn't appreciate our online video marketing initiatives.

Why Do I need online video marketing?

Videos are generally more informative and more engaging than any other medium. Even boring topics can be made fun to watch. Users also prefer videos because they are easier to remember and understand.

Videos work wonderfully well when a new idea or service or product is to be introduced. Videos are much more effective than texts here. And also, it is easy to make videos go viral via online video marketing. People share informative and funny videos a lot on their social network.

Videos rank much better on Google than texts, especially if online video marketing has been done correct. A properly optimized video on YouTube will rank almost immediately on Google. Online video marketing is the future. Start today and beat your competitors. Don't wait to follow their lead.

Our Key Skills for Video Marketing

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Our Video Marketing Services In Thailand

We create videos with purpose

Our online video marketing is strategically planned so that the videos can cater to your purpose and aim beautifully.

Get your message across

SGF has highly talented script writers who would create narrations and texts which enrich the video, convey your message correctly and convert your clients.

Effecient and effective

Online video marketing is great for educating the clients or informing them. Hundreds of words fail to achieve what videos can, in a few minutes.


Our Video Marketing Services in Video


Do I Really Need Video Marketing?

Statistics don’t lie. Every major player will have at some point used video marketing, or continuously use it on a frequent basis as it has always shown great results. In this day and age, videos are extremely easily accessible and is utilized by everybody.

How Does Video Marketing Work?

Think of television advertisements. That is basically video marketing. While there are many forms of advertising and marketing, none have the same visual appeal as video marketing. With a video, you can better convey your message to your potential customers and clients.

Which Platforms Can We Do Video Marketing on?

According to these statistics found on, the top 3 platforms for video marketing are; Facebook, Twitter and then Youtube. Whilst Youtube is the biggest video-sharing website, people don’t tend to respond to ADs and marketing as well as those that are browsing Facebook or Twitter. However, any platform that allows video-sharing can be marketed on.

Does the Length of The Video Matter?

Most definitely! You have to keep in mind who it is you’re trying to target and what for. Mobile users typically won’t spend longer than 20 seconds on a video when browsing on their phones. Whereas Computer users will typically spend up to a couple of minutes. So, when it comes to it, keep in mind what is the function of the video you are marking and adjust accordingly!

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Stand out of the Crowd

If you want your company to become unforgettable and successful, you need the right communication. And it’s start with the image you send to your prospects and customers. Stop thinking about it and hire us to get things done!

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