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Video Marketing Is A Rapid Route To Brand Exposure - SGF Services
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Video Marketing Is A Rapid Route To Brand Exposure

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Video Marketing Is A Rapid Route To Brand Exposure

Companies making maximum use of video content as part of their marketing strategy have already grasped that video marketing is a rapid route to brand exposure.

We will explain why this marketing approach is so effective and why organisations looking to succeed in their business sector must take full advantage of this medium.

Short, sharp, highly effective:

Video is the perfect medium to consistently and continually reinforce brand strengths and benefits to a target audience.

Maximum exposure:

The use of quality video content on company websites that highlights their ethos, direction and brand focus has established itself as an extremely effective part of marketing strategy, but benefits do not end there.  You can place these marketing video messages anywhere on the internet and take full advantage of the multiple exposure opportunities this strategy affords.

To reinforce this fact, just consider how many hits your website gets daily against hits received by giants such as YouTube and Amazon.

Ranking position:

Effective optimisation in terms of search engine ranking means that your video should feature very prominently on the first page of results. By achieving this you are gaining instant exposure to countless potential buyers.

Accurate measurement:

The text-based content you produce and publish is extremely hard to measure accurately. Yes, readers may click on your latest blog post but how many of them read it in full? How many never get passed the first paragraph or two? Do they simply read the ‘top and tail’ of your post and did they share it with friends?

The use of video content offers a very different measurement picture. It allows effective ‘drilling’ which achieves accurate measurement of such things as:

  • Click-through rates
  • Number of times an individual has viewed a particular video
  • Details of where a person actually stopped watching the clip

This wealth of information gives clear indications of what approach is working and where improvements need to be made. By analyzing and prioritising these statistics you are then able to take relevant actions that will see constant improvement and optimisation for future video releases

Site visitors will linger longer:

Using video content on your website increases the amount of time that visitors stay. The longer they stay, the higher your search engine levels of trust rise. Length of stay is a key search engine indicator in terms of the quality of content offered.

Companies that embed optimised video content on their website are far more likely to rank on the first page of a Google search than those who do not. An added incentive is that Google now own YouTube. This means that placing this optimized content on YouTube is a further positive in terms of moving up the search engine ranking ladder.

SEO optimisation is a must:

The benefits you receive from including video content in your marketing strategy increase in accordance with how well this content is optimised.

Quality processing procedures need to be in place and should be seen as an integral part of good business practice.

This includes, but is certainly not limited to:

  • Title accuracy
  • Description accuracy
  • Add links back to your site and check each one works as intended
  • Prioritise any important information that has relevance to your target audience in particular and viewers in general
  • Pre-release quality check – Implement a quality check-list that becomes standard company practice. All boxes must be ticked before each video goes ‘live’.

Quality video content needs to be a constant:

The use of quality video content is key to growing a healthy business respect. It also highlights the fact that effective video marketing is a rapid route to brand exposure.

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