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Top Tips For An Awesome And SEO Friendly Blog Post - SGF Services
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Top Tips For An Awesome And SEO Friendly Blog Post

blogging tips and tricks

Top Tips For An Awesome And SEO Friendly Blog Post

Well prepared, well-structured and interesting. Meet these 3 goals for each post you create is the gateway to a wider audience.

With that in mind let’s consider some top tips for an awesome and SEO friendly blog post.

Captivating title:

Titles sell content. Bear this in mind when deciding a title that will catch a visitor’s attention. This will encourage them to want more. A title is the first thing those looking for specific information on a topic will see. It is the lure that will lead them to your article.

You may have written a superb piece on the topic concerned, but if the title does not attract, the chances are your article will be passed over. A well-worded, attention grabbing title encourages the visitor to dig deeper and read the article.

Relevant title:

Title relevance is also extremely important. You should always respect the reader experience. A title giving high expectations must be followed with content that will satisfy. Failure to achieve this combination will result in the loss of readers’ trust.

On the other hand, delivering engaging, informative and thought-provoking detail that matches the promise of the title will whet the visitor’s appetite for more and the likelihood that they will become repeat visitors.


We will break the tips for writing a blog article down into separate sections:

  • Research: Unless you happen to have up-to-date and extensive knowledge of the topic concerned research is vital. Spend time looking at information from a variety of different sources and note relevant dates and figures where necessary.
  • Introduction: If you are struggling over a concise introduction, but have the topic structure and words clear in your head shelve the introduction until article completion. Once your words begin to flow there is a good chance that the introduction will come naturally from the piece written.
  • Relevance: Make sure that the words written remain relevant to the topic. Avoid going off on a tangent that will weaken the message you wish to put over.
  • Keywords/phrases: The aim is to integrate keywords or phrases seamlessly. They should not disrupt the flow of your article. Achieving this will do wonders for the SEO effectiveness of your piece.
  • Sentences and Paragraphs: Keep sentences and paragraphs short. Readers want bite-size chunks of detail. Achieve this and readers are far more likely to enjoy and complete the article in question.
  • Repetition: This really is a ‘no-no’ for readers. Repetition of certain words or phrases will only serve to annoy. When reviewing your article check for words you can replace to avoid repetition.
  • Images: Inserting images into your piece will attract a reader’s interest. They can help with the flow of the article, and make the explanation of complex topics that bit easier for the reader to understand.
  • Review and re-read: Once you have completed your piece, take time to review and re-read it. Try not to leave this task too long. In general, the longer this is left, the greater the temptation to change and tinker with what you have written. You will also benefit from reading your work out loud to see how it flows.
  • Spelling and Grammar check: This is something you should be doing as a matter of course.

Respect the reader experience:

Of all the top tips for an awesome and SEO friendly blog post, respecting the reader experience should remain uppermost in your priorities. Leaving visitors hungry for more will lead to an increased following and a constantly growing reputation.


SGF Services are a Digital Marketing Company based in Bangkok Thailand. If you are looking to boost your content marketing to bring in new visitors to your website, contact us here today.

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