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Top SEO Trends To Watch Out In 2017 For Business Success
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Top SEO Trends To Watch Out In 2017 For Business Success

Top SEO Trends

Top SEO Trends To Watch Out In 2017 For Business Success

We a lot of times hear a true fact that with change comes opportunity, then why do we get shocked when the change comes to SEO? It is correct that the SEO world is transforming at a lightening speed. During the last few years, Google algorithm updates have completely changed the web marketing domain. A lot of businesses went missing as a result of the Panda, Penguin, and few other algorithm updates. Even during 2016, we had observed many different updates and a few ups and downs in the SERPs. Most trendy updates of the year were Penguin 4.0, Google Possum, Mobile Friendly Update 2, and Adwords Shakeup. In 2016 proactive SEO specialist were thriving and they can be successful in 2017 again but only if they take smart decisions as per the upcoming SEO trends in 2017.

More Rich Snippets in SERP’s

All of us have certainly seen that Google has begun displaying rich snippets in answer to our queries. Google demonstrates results along with searches for videos, movies, as well as reviews. The search result is generated by the structured data markup or schema markup. According to a recent research, the number of search results displaying rich snippets has by now twofold in the last two years, and this movement will increase in the upcoming years. Structured data markup multiplies the chance of your website to be highlighted as a rich answer in SERP’s.

Cross Channel Marketing

The inclination of using a range of channels to market your product has improved during last few months. Cross-channel marketing is an addition to multi-channel marketing. Its main purpose is to create outstanding brand presence between diverse devices and platforms so that user makes a purchase. So far studies suggest that cross-channel marketing is yet in its early stage, but its trend will go on to ascend in 2017.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or Mobile Marketing

Mobile search has reformed SEO in the previous few years. According to fresh research, almost 50% of internet traffic is via mobile devices. Google also declared that it would be fixating on indexing websites designed with the approach of mobile first. This declaration increases the importance to give emphasis to optimizing websites for mobile phones. Mobile optimization is projected to become compulsory for SEO in the year 2017.

Get Ready for Voice Search Algorithms

Google voice search has been the quickest increasing search movement lately. It is swift and the revolutionary term of search. Google’s team have been working in decreasing the error rate of voice search declines, and it is imperative to make a note of, that recently, the speech recognition error rate has plummeted from 25% to 8% now.

Voice search will experience extreme changes in 2017 with improvement voice recognition and understanding. It counts understating of locally based content, spoken queries, personalized information, and search history. The marketers will have to think ahead of text-based queries in 2017, which may be one of the prevalent changes in the search industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Google has been working for ages on artificial intelligence to enhance search results. In the year 2017, artificial intelligence is predicted to bring a huge change in the algorithm. Its influence will compel marketers to tamper with their optimization strategies like alt texts and heading tags. They will also have to move their focus towards intent.

Optimize User Intention

The importance of keywords is never going to come to an end or expire because users search for queries or phrases in search engines. Business brands will have to make plans to focus on intent instead of just focusing on keywords. This means you must work on the content part or queries your buyer personality is searching. Once you finish your research pertaining to search queries, edify your customer. Keep an eagle's eye on analytics and see the effect.

HTTPS Swallowing Referral Data

A few years ago, Google introduced ‘https’ as a ranking factor in its algorithm. After that numerous companies just ran to transfer from HTTP to HTTPS. However, the difficulty is that HTTPS has been consuming a lot of referral data. Furthermore, you must restore referral data to your HTTP website that comes from HTTPS websites. Also, you will require ensuring that your HTTPS website passes referral data to HTTP sites. All this elevates the risk of missing out on ranking, going into 2017.

The Final Say

In the light of aforementioned key points, it would not be incorrect to say that SEO is not vanishing, at least not in the upcoming years. In fact with the passing time, SEO is evolving and getting very smart. Only SEO’s who implement things from the user’s perspective and make strategies as per the latest algorithm will go on in 2017. What is more, Black Hat SEO is near to its fatality.

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