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The Recent Joyride Through Social Media - SGF Services
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The Recent Joyride Through Social Media

Social Media concept with young woman on blue background

The Recent Joyride Through Social Media

Step right up! Step right up! Once in a lifetime chance to try our excellent time machine, now with cup-holders! Would you like to return to the mystical year of 2017 and learn what exactly were the social media trends that surpassed all others? Of course, you do! Step up and take the social media adventure of your lifetime! Yes, sit down, ignore the stains on the floor. Seatbelts? Nah, they are optional if you hold tight enough!

Most people, when asked if they wish to return to 2017, would look at you as if you are mad and back away from you. Slowly. Last year was… colorful. Yeah, that’s the word I'm looking for.


Despite all the celebrities that died, if there is one thing that 2017 taught us was that anything is possible – especially when it comes to global politics. Common sense took the stage early January and committed a seppuku. Live. In front of everybody. Still, it was not all doom and gloom, for if there is something that never keeps disappointing, it’s Nutella. That stuff will always be the best…

So why are your teeth rattling as you grip the bright neon green PVC pipe frame of our time machine? To bask in the great things that social media gave us (the master race of digital advertising) to play with and utilize as we see fit while we sell you that new type of duct-tape that can build a roll cage for your car. You know, because reasons…

Video killed the radio star.

Back in 1979 Geoff Downes clearly knew his stuff. He is rocking those two synths with ease and at the same time, no less! Clearly, he must have been an excellent digital marketing guru in his downtime because using and mastering multiple tools at the same time is a tell-tale sign he was one of us, obviously. Digital marketing specialists have to utilize an entire tackle-box of tools and tricks to get the end user’s attention. Mr. Downes clearly got yours with that nonchalant look of his, as he lays down those sick tunes.

One of the best tools in every digital marketing specialists portfolio in 2017 was the video. No, not cat videos. Video promotion in general. Inspirational quotes on a pretty nature picture are so 2016 and considered rather tacky these days, so inspirational quote videos with sad piano or violin tune to a still image of a picturesque landscape or people hugging was all the rage of 2017. Jokes aside, the video took the social media by storm and even after demolishing the existing trends did not leave. Facebook and Youtube, in particular, took this idea and ran with it. No wonder they did. If this worldwide survey is to be believed, almost half of viewers of branded social media video have made a purchase because they loved the video. That kind of turnaround rate is crazy! Most other digital marketing sources can only dream about being that successful.

The never ending story.

What is it, that goes on and on and on (and on), and shows its goods to everyone even when you are not around? No, we are not talking about your cheating spouse. We are talking about video streaming!

Yes yes, I know., but this is about video streaming in a social media context, so sit back down and put your pitchforks under your seats, lest you poke someone's eye out.

Live-streaming with the power and might of Google when it comes to Youtube or Facebook when it comes to… well, Facebook, really took off in 2016. Less social media oriented streaming services were even more successfu.

With the introduction of Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and even Twitter’s very own live streaming service, the choice to reach your audience live has never been more open. That said, while this trend did become very popular, I suspect a great deal of their audience tuned in just to witness a blunder or a mishap. I mean, who goes to Nascar to see a cluster of cars turning slightly to the left? Gripping stuff for some, but most come in hopes of seeing metal rending high-speed mass pile-up. Same with huge live streaming events but for people who dislike large masses of people and prefer to be part of the crowd from the comforts of their own homes.

Important to understand, that live-streaming things are also prone to various technical malfunctions. If you stream an event, make sure people can actually see it somewhere.

We care.

No, really, we do! It might not seem that way, but you pay our salaries and make sure our children are fed and clothed (most of the time), so we really do care about you as a customer. It became clear that an angry end user of a service or a product is not only a lost user, but he might take down a fair few of his friends with him. These friends of friends usually have a few friends of their own and before you know it your product embodies the last episode of “Friends” – it is sad, empty and makes people want to grab their pitchforks (not yours, leave it under the seat) and march in the streets. For different reasons, granted, but marching ensues nevertheless.

Studies show that a users complaint answered can boost their opinion of your company by 25% while ignoring them will drop it by 50%. Furthermore, 40% of them expect their issue resolved within the hour of submitting it. The math is simple here, you lose twice as much by ignoring your customer complaints than you gain when you diligently follow their complaints and resolve them in a satisfactory manner. #

If you take your eye off the ball, its “one step forward, two steps back” kind of situation. A well-resolved complaint can very easily turn into the best marketing tool a product can have. More and more people are turning to social media to praise services and products that honored their customer service process and managed to fix the issue while keeping the user happy. Companies caught on it rather quick and poured more time and resources into upping their proverbial customer service ante.

A satisfied customer means a great chance at free publicity, and since it comes from John Doe McRegular, it is worth twice as much as anything the company can say about themselves. Your local boulangerie can claim their croissants are “the bees knees” till they are blue in the face, but it takes just a couple of regular customers to praise them and your favourite boulangerie is so packed that all the croissants are gone before you can say “I liked this place before it was popular”, you hipster, you.

Last year was quite the roller-coaster. With sections that seemed to be held together by chewing gum and a false sense of entitlement, but a wild ride nevertheless. Finally, we are tall enough to take the new 2018 rollercoaster. Keep your hands inside the cart at all times, barf bags are under your seat, hope those pitchforks did not poke too many holes in them.

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