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The Positives Of Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns

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The Positives Of Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns

The positives of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns are many and varied. While many companies have in-house expertise to plan and implement such a campaign, there are many who do not.

If you are one of the latter, this does not mean PPC advertising should be ignored. Indeed, there is a highly effective route to achieve this:

Choose a marketing agency with a proven PPC portfolio:

Agencies contacted should be asked pointed questions. You will want to understand the campaign process from beginning to end, you need to be clear on what information and involvement you will have and be very clear on what results are expected.

Ask them about their PPC experience and successful campaigns as well as any that disappointed.

A good agency will listen and work to understand your company ethos, brand and target audience. They should also offer a good smattering of suggestions and recommendations as the project develops.

No hiding:

Comprehensive statistics are offered throughout the lifecycle of the campaign. This means that accurate and informative data will be readily available throughout the life of a PPC project.

In cooperation with your agency you will clearly assess how effective the campaign is at various stages. If it is heading in the right direction all is well, if not, a temporary halt to proceedings and expenditure can be called while the situation is assessed and relevant actions agreed. Once this is complete the campaign will re-commence.

Touching the surface of PPC benefits:

There is little doubt that structured and purposeful PPC advertising campaigns that are designed to deliver a clear message that will strike home.

We have already mentioned that this form of advertising offers a host of potential benefits.

Here are just 4 for you to consider:

Align PPC advertising to your business goals:

A well-structured PPC advertising campaign will help achieve business-specific objectives and marketing goals. It can provide high-level brand exposure, a significant rise in hot lead submissions, and ultimately, increased sales.

PPC advertising increases audience awareness of your web presence and alerts them to such things as:

  • Advertising content downloads
  • Increased exposure to newsletters with clear sign-up options
  • Regular content delivery on specific topics with clear sign-up options
  • Increased awareness of app downloads available

Website traffic drivers will be identified, conversion opportunities increased and required results achieved.

Increased visitor interest in your site will lead to increased conversion opportunities that in turn open the door to increased sales volume.

Measure and Track:

The ability to measure and track PPC advertising activities using a combination of the AdWords tool and Google Analytics provides high-level performance data based around defined business goals such as the number of impressions, clicks and conversions.

PPC performance statistics are comprehensive. They are unlike other advertising and marketing channels where effect against budget is difficult to define in terms of direct results,

PPC leaves little room to mask campaign effectiveness. Extensive knowledge of the kind of traffic and results received shows clearly what you are getting for the PPC budget invested.

A Clear indication of spend against end goals:

Expenditure against results can be identified clearly by sending PPC traffic to dedicated and designated landing pages. Its progress can then be tracked to conversion through the use of Google Analytics.

No glossy magazine or huge advertising hoarding can offer such accurate sales tracking as this.

Cast wide to catch new leads and customers:

PPC advertising does not limit you to existing followers of your brand or force message delivery to customer lists already in your possession.

The positives of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns need to be clearly recognised, but the fact that it allows you to cast your net wide to reach individuals and businesses who have been unaware of your brand to date is a very positive business driver indeed.

If you need some help managing your pay per click campaigns, then SGF Services could be just what you are looking for. Our PPC experts have many years of experience conducting and managing campaigns that ensure the best results for any size business. Get in touch with us today if you would like to discuss your goals.

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