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Social Media Marketing - SGF Services
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A new way to use Social Media with SGF Services
Facebook is the third largest nation after India and China, Twitter is bigger than the whole United State. This enormous market is yours to tap using social media marketing. SGF Services provide the most flexible social media marketing in Thailand. We allow you to choose the most eligible Facebook and Twitter users and and bombard them with subtle advertisements till they convert. We are no newcomer to this area and we have successfully delivered social media marketing in Thailand for years.
Social media marketing in Thailand is not only there to sell products, it allows the company to connect better to the potential clients. It helps the company to have a thriving social media presence. Our social media marketing in Thailand is versatility at its best because we also actually keep the negative news and bay. This is the most holistic campaign type of all, especially when purchased from SGF Services.


The Importance of Social Media for Marketing

Create increased brand awareness in your company. We help the customers to memorise your brands using creatively done adverts, carrying your logo and company name.
The biggest market at your fingertips with Facebook and Twitter users combinedly crossing 1.5 billion.

Good social media marketing in Thailand can lead you to a great organic ranking on Google Thailand ( as well. The correlation has been proven by leading experts.
This channel enjoys the best convertibility among all the online marketing channels.
Social media marketing in Thailand leads to greater customer satisfaction as customers can easily reach out to the company for anything and everything.

Social media marketing in Thailand also leads to the highest brand loyalty among customers, simply because, again, they can reach out and interact with the company.
Social media is one of the most cost effective marketing channel of all. (SGF Services charges a very low campaign management charge as well)

Insightful data from Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for all your campaigns on those platforms. Make wise decisions, instantly, catch up with what's trending.
Be a thought leader in the industry by publishing informative, thought provoking and innovative posts. Enjoy fan followers like a celebrity.

Why choose SGF Services for your Social Media Marketing in Thailand?

We spend extra time in researching about your target audience so that we can create the best performing social media marketing in Thailand for your company. Every penny spent would be accounted for; to help you create a campaign after lots of deliberation and consider your goals, budget, mission and vision, along with your sales target.

We get your contents promoted and endorsed by the influencers of these channels. Nothing adds more authority to a campaign than that.
We employ multiple tools not only to create and run the campaign but also to analyse the data. SGF Services provides probably the most technically advanced social media marketing in Thailand.

The most superior social media marketing in Thailand as claimed not by us but by many of our existing clients who turned around a lacklustre social presence via our campaign management.
If you want a social media presence which really counts and matters, you need social media marketing in Thailand from SGF Services only. We have created, run and managed social media campaigns for years and our experienced managers can easily set up your campaign and run it swiftly. Don't wait for your competitors to ace you, get in touch with SGF Services today.

Our Key Skills for SMM

Technical SEO0%
Social Media Marketing0%
Link Building0%
Usability & Information Architecture0%
Content Marketing0%
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Our SMM Services In Thailand

Process the raw data

Process the raw data from analytics and give you insightful numbers so that you can know where your campaign is heading and what to do immediately for better returns.

Create and run

Create and run social media marketing under your specified budget and keep a tight leash on the expenses.

Witty, informative, thought provoking or simply funny

Witty, informative, thought provoking or simply funny, we create a motley of posts on your behalf and sweeten those for the eyes using pleasant images as well.


Watch our explainer video for Social Media Marketing!


How important is social media and social media marketing?

Short answer: Very. In this day and age where we have the entirety of the internet and all of the popular social media platform in our the palm of our hands, where anybody can create an account and hope onto their favourite social media account in just seconds, basically means that we’re in an age where people spend most of their time online. It’s reported that a good 30% of that time is on social media platforms alone.

Which platforms should I be targeting?

This somewhat depends on what your goal is and what the intentions of your marketing campaign are. The popular ones are currently: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Each platform has their uses and the different platforms may be used in different ways, such as Instagram is well known for their 15 second “video stories”, compared to Facebook which can vary greatly.

Ultimately, nothing is stopping you from running one campaign on the multiple popular platforms or running different campaigns across them all, but this is something that you as the client and our team of professionals will discuss together.

How often should we be posting on social media platforms and can posts be scheduled?

Everyone has a different opinion on how many posts you should be doing, though the general consensus is that two posts a week is a good starting point. Depending on what the goals of your campaign is, that number may increase or it may not. And yes, most social media platforms allow for post scheduling.

How do I know if my social media campaign is going well?

Like any other advertising campaign, our team will be tracking and collecting data and statistics from the campaign. Data such as the reach, the traffic and the interaction as well as the conversion rates of your ad. Overtime, this data will help our team and you understand how well the campaign is running, and what can be improved if need be.

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Stand out of the Crowd

If you want your company to become unforgettable and successful, you need the right communication. And it’s start with the image you send to your prospects and customers. Stop thinking about it and hire us to get things done!

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