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The SEO Survival Handbook 2016 - Only For Entrepreneurs'
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The SEO Survival Handbook 2016 – Only For Entrepreneurs’

SEO Guide For 2016

The SEO Survival Handbook 2016 – Only For Entrepreneurs’

The wild world of SEO is perplexing, rapid and difficult. Not to mention that SEO has made huge advances, although a lot of entrepreneurs are yet left with questions about what it is all about, how it functions, what’s altered, and, very importantly, how to make their businesses workable and profitable in the year 2016.

Here is an SEO survival guide for entrepreneurs divided into 6 questions which every businessman frequently ask for about SEO.

  1. How vital is SEO these days?

SEO is undoubtedly imperative and give it maximum consideration, but don’t let it swallow down your complete approach to digital marketing. SEO is one such component of digital marketing which has the biggest aspect.

The reason why digital marketing is such a big aspect as it includes “any form of marketing of products or services, which involves electronic devices.”

In modern digitally-driven epoch, that includes at least seven major categories:

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Pay-per-click advertising
  4. Content marketing
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Search engine marketing
  7. Email marketing

There are, obviously, numerous ways to split it up.

Basically, SEO is one part of a huge family of digital methods & it fits in the big picture.

  1. What are the deadly mistakes that entrepreneurs make in SEO?

Having an assumption that SEO doesn’t matter, and it can be dealt with a magic bullet. There are two big mistakes, one on each end of the scale — the no worries end of the scale, and the secret-sauce end of the scale.

Mistake #1:  A lot of entrepreneurs overlook SEO

Such entrepreneurs know about digital marketing. However, in their minds, SEO has grown to the point that it actually takes care of itself without human intervention. This is a dangerous blunder. To close the eyes to SEO is to open your website to the risks of unoptimization and a faulty digital strategy.

Mistake #2:  A lot of entrepreneurs think that SEO is a wonder drug that will heal all growth issues, create first-result rankings promptly, and give substantial exposure and market supremacy.

Such people have excessive trust in the influence of SEO. The majority of the time, this mistake shoots from a lack of alertness with how SEO has transformed over the years.  Of course, there was a time when it was a fact. SEO was the wonder drug that could grow a business to the peak of the search results, by ruling the industry and owning the position. All the entrepreneur had to do was give away the keys of their website to an SEO expert wearing a black hat, and let the bang happen!

  1. What’s the chief thing to have knowledge of about SEO?

Develop a user optimized site, and begin producing lots of quality content.

The gist of SEO is user experience. This may come as a bolt from the blue to some, thinking that SEO is a mixture of technical tactics, under-the-hood hacks, and a few properly placed backlinks. SEO may count these strategies, but at the heart, SEO is about delivering an optimized experience to the end-users.

If someone wishes to “optimize their site,” they must optimize it for their end-users. In other words, they must look at SEO as a type of user experience.

What is user experience? Mainly, it’s a user’s wide interaction with the digital interface.

Specified in the web context, user experience counts things like information, interface, functions, content, and even layout and colors.

The one most important thing that you must know about SEO is to make a really excellent website for your user. Make it look amazing, work productively, and give all the significance and accessibility that user requires.

  1. What is that one most vital thing to do for improving the website’s SEO?

Publish high-quality content. There are many things that you can do, however, there are only certain hours in the day, bucks in the budget, and things you wish to do or research by hand.

Hence, you should focus on a few things that press on content marketing.

Not only does SEO go beyond user experience in a colossal way, but it also overlaps with content marketing in a superior way. Some SEOs, actually, fail to notice any suggested difference between content marketing and SEO. According to them, today’s SEO is content marketing.

  1. What are some of the major changes in SEO?

The dominance of mobile and the value of high-quality content marketing are a couple of most significant transformation in SEO.

Besides, the key challenge that entrepreneurs face is their shortage of information about how SEO has altered and what that implies for them and their business.

Many entrepreneurs know about the algorithm modification that ruined businesses, drive out websites to the penalty box, and shocked webmasters with a fall in traffic.

Are such smash-ups happening with you? Is there still a risk of getting penalized?

The only thing you haven’t changed is the traditional tactics of keyword stuffing, link wheels, and haphazard link building. Just avoid doing this grubby stuff — the practice that SEOs call “black hat SEO” — and things will automatically fall into the right place.

In the age of mobile first optimization, the social networks are obsessed by mobile usage, shopping is a mobile movement. Thus, SEO must bear in mind the importance of mobile.

The other big move is the content marketing approach. SEO seems almost swallowed up by content marketing.

Long long ago that Bill Gates wrote “content is king and not much has altered.

In the realm of SEO, that’s, without a doubt, the case. Content is the king, and one cannot have a thriving SEO strategy unless they focus on creating and enhancing their content.

  1. Why hire an SEO?

Actually, it's not compulsory. Perhaps you must be questioning, whether hiring an SEO is necessary or not?

If there is a digital marketing expert in your team, they might be able to manage the activities of digital marketing appropriately. If you are a solo person to manage your business, then you might be in short of time to spend on SEO and marketing campaigns. This is why it is wise to hire an SEO consultant or an agency to carry out a full-fledged audit and/or optimization.

Several big digital agencies have decided not to hire a search engine optimization professional.

They make sure that they have the right base — technical SEO. Then, they focus on creating high-quality content.

But remember, if you hire an SEO; check that they do something in addition to simply optimizing your title tags and robots.txt. They should be able to generate value through well-planned SEO strategy, content marketing strategy, (keyword research/focus), and off-page SEO techniques and process.

Wrapping up

Entrepreneurs still can’t close the eyes to SEO. It’s essential to the health and success of your business. In spite of its extent and barrier, you can carry out SEO. Even though it has some technical facets, it has become a lot simpler to manage than it was some years ago. Once you get acquainted about today's SEO and what you should be doing your business will begin to grow.

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