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Search Engine Marketing - SGF Services
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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is perhaps one of the most important aspects when it comes to promoting your site and making your website “more visible” on search engines, as well as getting better and higher rankings on those search engines also. With SGF Services, we will help you achieve your SEM goals.

Optimise your SEM with SGF Services

The term “Search Engine Marketing”, in itself is a broader term and covers a wider range of services and incorporates other forms of marketing in order to further promote a website. SGF Services has a team of professionals, ready to help and assist you in your SEM needs. Our local professionals have long been in the industry and thus have a vast wealth of SEM knowledge in this ever changing industry.

Search Engine Marketing covers other forms of marketing such as; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. While both SEO and PPC can be categorised as their own thing, they are technically embodied by the definitions of Search Engine Marketing.

SGF Services offers the best budget friendly SEM optimisation in Thailand. The professionals that SGF employs and works with, know what to do when it comes to efficiently optimising your websites SEM. Let them dive into your sites contents and pages and watch them utilise their skills and knowledge in order to help grow your business.

Our Key Skills for SEM

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Our SEM Services In Thailand

Better and Higher

Achieve better and higher rankings on search engines


Optimise your site with our talented SEO services

Record and Analyse

Record and analyse all of the relevant data for your site



Do I need Search Engine Marketing?

If you want customers to come visit your site and have a chance at converting them, yes. The internet is readily available for so many around the world and is working 24/7. Definitely something you’d want to assist you in your business.

I often hear about SEM and SEO. What are the differences?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be seen as more of a service to increase your websites ranking on a search engine (such as Google), and therefore increase traffic to your website by having your site appear higher on Search Engine pages. Search Engine Marketing is more of an umbrella term that does indeed incorporate SEO. However SEM is more about the practice and service of increasing your websites visibility organically with the use of both SEO and advertising. In a way; all SEO is SEM. But not all SEM is SEO.

What SEM services do I need?

Search Engine Marketing typically breaks down into Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. While it can go a lot deeper, these 2 are usually considered the main forms of SEM. You can read more about this on SGF Service’s dedicated PPC and SEO pages.

How is SEM data monitored?

Like any other marketing service that involves data (they all do), our SGF team will closely monitor the relevant data for the service. Whether that be impressions, clicks and how long they spend on your site. With that data, our professionals at SGF can then report back to you and let you know what else can be done in order to help the campaign improve.

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If you want your company to become unforgettable and successful, you need the right communication. And it’s start with the image you send to your prospects and customers. Stop thinking about it and hire us to get things done!

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