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Remarketing - SGF Services
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Don't let the customers drop out at the last moment of the buying process. Don't lose total track of your breadwinners. Using online remarketing from SGF Services, among the most successful retargeting companies in Thailand, chase those users until they return and complete the buying process. No matter where they go on the internet, you and your product will follow them like a shadow.

When users drop out inside the sales funnel, you just need to cross the distance between the cup and the lips. Online remarketing is offered by Google where any website can implement some Java codes and check if the users are dropping out of the target funnel. Once they leave, if the website has remarketing turned on, you can keep track of them and utilise those details to show up your advertisement in every website they visit, provided that website is part of Google network. Don't worry, around 90% of all websites are part of the Google Network.

Retargeting Platforms

SGF Services provide complete remarketing solutions to you. Firstly setting up remarketing needs knowledge and experience. We have been providing remarketing solutions to all our clients and thus, we have gathered enough experienced hands to become the best online remarketing solutions provider in Thailand. Secondly, our campaigns are always targeted towards maximising the ROI so we will ensure the maximum bang for your buck. Finally, with our immaculate reporting, you will always be in complete control of your budget and your campaign.

SGF Services’ online remarketing is the most cost effective solution during a paid campaign. Not only because we ask for very low campaign set up and campaign running charges, but this campaign itself is economical because we convert half-convinced clients. Thus, the conversion ate goes up significantly as many customers needed just that last push to commit. As the ad is shown only to the customers who are interested, the ROI of retargeting solutions is unusually high.

As the brand and the product chases the client around the internet, Google’s online remarketing is amazing for creating brand awareness.

The campaign can be made to offer discounts to returning customers which gives them more than enough reason to return.

SGF Services is the online retargeting agency in Thailand with the highest success rate. Our methodically created campaigns target the most probable buyers and convert them to unending stream of revenue. Our Google certified account managers are thoroughly trained, experienced and qualified to set up and handle Google Remarketing campaigns with added conditions. We have recovered the lost sales for all our clients, why not for you.

Let's join hands and let's start your online marketing in the fifth gear.

Our Key Skills for Remarketing

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Our Remarketing Services In Thailand

Track every client

Track every client and where they are in your sales funnel, and where they drop out. Keep track for efficient remarketing.

Target specific audiences

Target specific audiences and demographics based on how they browse and their interests. Further enhance the chances of converting your warm leads


Remarket how you want to, whether it’s by using professional pictures and photos, campaign videos or just text. We will help you come up with the best and most efficient remarketing and retargeting ad.


Our Remarketing Services in Video


What exactly is remarketing and why do I need it?

Remarketing is when you “retarget” a customer who has already shown some interest in your site, service or product. Perhaps they’ve already put something in their shopping cart, or your data shows that they have been browsing the reading the services page and contact us page for some time now. Remarketing will assist you in closing those potential clients and customers.

Does remarketing work across all platforms and devices?

Yes. Just like other forms of advertising or marketing; remarketing will work across all different platforms and devices. While there may be some adjusting and alterations needed for each platform or device, this is something that our team or professionals will help you with.

What are the criteria and conditions needed before a user is targeted for remarketing?

That’s entirely up to you! When you and our team get together to discuss, a remarketing list will be made, which also specifies the actions and triggers that users will do on your website to get them to be added into the remarketing list. With all the different data that we collect and present, our professional team will help advise you on what would be the best qualifying actions for potential customers.

Can a remarket campaign be adjusted or edited?

Yes and no. As there are different types of remarketing, it will depend on which one you and the team decide to utilise. For example; an email remarketing campaign will not be able to be adjusted or edited, if the email has already been sent out to the customer or client. But if you have some sort of remarketing pop-up set up on your site, that can be adjusted and edited at any time.

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If you want your company to become unforgettable and successful, you need the right communication. And it’s start with the image you send to your prospects and customers. Stop thinking about it and hire us to get things done!

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