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Product Listing Optimization - SGF Services
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Product Listing Optimization

Data entry and Product Listing can be a bit of a mundane task. Especially if you have hundreds or thousands of products and need them all listed and uploaded in a short amount of time, and especially if you’re all by yourself. No worries, that’s what we’re here for. Outsource your product listing tasks to our skilled professionals here at SGF Services, right here in Thailand.

Product Listing Optimization

Your Product Listing Optimization Agency in Bangkok

Even if Product Listing wasn’t a dull task, depending on the number of products that need listing, as well as the information that goes with each product; the sheer number of products that need listing can be overwhelming for most.

Think about it! Say you have 5,000 products that all need listing. Some you could do in bulk; others are more unique. Each product needs to be categorized, inserted with meta titles, meta tags. Then you got to add in product descriptions, as well as add product images. Sounds like a hassle, right?

Not only that, but all of that information and data needs to be optimised in order for you to get the most out of it. Luckily for you, the exerts here at SGF Services are all about that efficiency and optimisation.

We can do all of that for you. And if you have a product listing guideline, then great! We at SGF will make absolutely sure that we adhere to your set of product listing guidelines for all of the marketplaces. And should there be any issues with any of the marketplaces, our professionals can easily modify any of the product data to make sure that everything is up to standards and fits the marketplace’s requirements.

Our Key Skills for Product Listing Optimization

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Our Product Listing Optimization Services In Thailand

Multi-language listing

English? Thai? Our bilingual professionals can do it all.

Quick and efficient timeline

Somewhat of a rushed deadline? Contact us and see what we can do for you.

All data

Category. Meta Title. Meta Tags. Product Description. Product Images. Product Reviews. Let SGF professionals handle it all.

Optimised data

We can modify product feed data for full efficient optimisation.

Proper listing method

Whether it’s a single product listing or bulk listing; we use the best method for the task at hand.

Inventory management

If needed, our professionals can help you manage your product inventory for you.


Our Product Listing Optimization Services in Video


For which marketplaces do you offer product listing for?

SGF mainly works on Lazada and Amazon. However, if there are other marketplaces you have in mind. Contact us and let us know, and we’ll see what can be done!

What does “SKU” mean and why is it important?

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. This data field is important because it’s the products main identifier. Every SKU must be unique and SKUs cannot be changed or edit, only deleted.

Can you also do the product listing in Thai?

Yes. We can do Thai as well and have the Thai text sit on top or below the English text. However, keep in mind that a data field such as SKU must be unique. Thai descriptions and Thai text will typically be a translation of the product description, meta titles, etc.

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