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Positive Lead Generation Strategies - SGF Services
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Positive Lead Generation Strategies

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Positive Lead Generation Strategies

Success in your chosen business sector can only be achieved through multiple initiatives. These need to blend as seamlessly as possible in order to complement your company ethos and establish admired brand recognition. Positive lead generation strategies are a crucial strand of such initiatives.

Defining lead generation?

Marketing professionals and the media may use different wording to define lead generation but there is no mistaking its intention. It is a marketing process that stimulates enough interest amongst prospective customers and strangers for them to indicate an interest in the products or services a company offers.

Here are some tried and trusted methods that continue to be successful. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it should help identify lead generation triggers.

  • Interesting online resources
  • Whitepapers
  • Codes that identify with discount coupon codes
  • Webinars
  • Competitions offering prizes

Why are these routes considered effective?

Taking advantage of things that interest, educate and that offer discount codes for products and services is something visitors will naturally be tempted to take advantage of. By offering such resources ‘free’ this will increase the chance of take-up.

While these resources may be free in a financial sense the visitor is required to give something in return. That ‘something’ is their contact details, most commonly in the form of an e-mail address or telephone number. Capturing such base information is classed as lead generation and can then be used in attempts to engage with that visitor.

Casting a wide-net:

Generating leads in this way offers access to potential new business opportunities and allows companies to cast a wide net. It goes without saying that methods to attract customers will be clearly visible on a company website, but the continued explosion of social media platforms and other advertising vehicles opens many more doors of opportunity.

Intimate knowledge of the customer base you are targeting is also key as it will allow you to understand which platforms are best suited to new campaigns.

Only effective if used as an integral part of your marketing strategy:

Lead generation must be viewed as an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy. If this is not the case then generating leads will mean little.

A clear flow-chart of what happens to each generated lead from capture to conversion will depend on a variety of things. These include:

  • Types of service or products offered
  • Company size
  • Head office / Regional office involvement and responsibility
  • The geographic scope of your service or product.
  • Type of lead generated – B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer)

Statistical analysis must be viewed as an ongoing process:

Companies that place high importance on regular and in-dept analysis of statistics will reap the rewards. A whole raft of business tools is available to automate this process. Parameters can be set in terms of which lead generation initiatives are proving most successful and those being least effective.

It is important to understand which social media platforms are generating the most leads, which platforms are proving fruitful in terms of securing new business and the platforms currently achieving the highest revenue per conversion.

Accurate analysis brings educated knowledge. This knowledge can then be used to fine-tune lead generation initiatives and prioritise the platforms on which they are placed.

A moving target:

Positive lead generation strategies should be viewed as a moving target. Social media trends change rapidly, new routes to market emerge overnight and new entrants in your business sector often arrive with a bang. Keeping your pulse on competitor activities and the ever-changing social marketing scene will allow you to be best placed when it comes to managing positive lead generation strategies.

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