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Muay Thai TV - SGF Services
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Muay Thai TV

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About This Project

Our Client

MuayThaiTV.com is undoubtedly the number one site of Muay Thai in France and Europe. Their mission is to do everything to satisfy users' curiosity about their beloved sport: Muay Thai. It's been the reference for the last 15 years, providing the latest news of Thai boxing and forums for Muay Thai enthusiasts.

Starting with the broadcast of fights, MuayThaiTV.com now creates video content from Muay Thai fights for major French channels: TF1, SFR, RMC, etc.

Last but not least, MuayThaiTV.com offers a Muay Thai gear shop with the best brands available at an affordable price. And they gladly give expert recommendations on their equipment.









Their Challenge


Our Approach

In order to overcome this challenge, we decided to implement our unique D3 methodology for: Design, Development and Deployment. Indeed, we've realized that our workflows allow us to be efficient with our work and flexible with our customers. Here are the phases we went through:

  • 1 - ANALYSIS

    The first step was, as always, about information gathering: Identifying things like the website purpose, goals and target audience.

  • 2 - PLANNING

    Our web team then took the time to carefully plan the website, using existing sitemap, site structure and technology.

  • 3 - DESIGN

    We then provided concepts for the homepage and the inner, focusing on wireframe models and user experience.

  • 4 - CONTENT

    A very important part of the process is choosing the right texts, photos or videos. For any site, they can make it or break it.


    We created the website using HTML and CSS , with some help from databases and other technologies as well.

  • 6 - TESTING

    During testing phase, we checked for issues in technical features, like code and scripts, and for the compatibility with major browsers.


    Finally, we released the site to the World Wide Web, and continued to monitor it for a cooling period, with any bugs found to be resolved.




Our Results

Muay Thai TV


June 2015 - Present

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