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Monitor your Social Campaigns with Facebook Insights - SGF Services
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Monitor your Social Campaigns with Facebook Insights

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Monitor your Social Campaigns with Facebook Insights

If you want your business to prosper in the digital age, using social media as a business tool is a must. However, while social platforms such as Facebook can be extremely good for your business; if you are not tracking what is working well and what isn’t, you won’t know if you are using it in the best way.

This article is to introduce you to Facebooks insights tool which can give you all the ammo you need to run successful social campaigns and generate more business.

What is Facebook Insights?

Facebook Insights allows you to track user interactions with your Facebook business page. With this tool you are able to see which pieces of content are performing well. Access to the Insights analytics is given to all admins of the business page who are able to view and edit the page.

  • The main benefits of Insights is that it allows you to establish the following:
  • Which posts have received the most comments, likes and shares.
  • The reach and exposure that your updates have received.
  • The percentage of males and females that engage with your page.
  • The location of your fans and followers.
  • The most popular times and days to post your content.

With this information you will be able to work out the best type of content to post and when it is best to share it.

Accessing Facebook Insights

Once you have logged into your Facebook account you will find the Insights tab at the top of the page next to the publishing tools and notifications buttons as shown below

Insert Image 1

Once you click on the Insights button you will be taken to your overview dashboard. The default setting will show you data for the last 7 days. You can extend or decrease this timeline to whatever you prefer.

You can also choose what data you wish to see such as likes, views, reach, etc.

So let’s take a look below at what else is on offer.

Best Time for Content Sharing

If you navigate to “posts” you will be able to work out how many active users were online on any given day. You can even see the amount of active users at a specific time.

In the below example below, you will notice that the most popular day of the week was Sunday, and that 8pm was the most popular time across the whole week.

Insert Image 2

So what does this data tell you?

If you understand when most of your users are online, as well as when and what time they are most active, you will be able to target your posts to the widest possible audience.

You should monitor this closely so that your social media strategy can be adapted if you see any sudden changes.

What Type of Content to Share

Under “posts” you will see a “posts type” button (see picture below) which will give you some decent insights into what type of content to share to get maximum exposure and engagement.

Insert picture 3

Once you navigate to this section you will be presented with the following information.

Insert picture 4

In this section you can see what type of content has the highest reach. In the example above it shows that shared videos had the most engagement, followed by photos and then links.

Just because links show the least engagement in this example it doesn’t mean that they should be ignored. It ultimately depends on what you are using social media for. For example; you may want to share links from external websites and build relationships with these 3rd parties. In this case, links would be worth your time.

However, as has been proven many times, people tend to react to videos mostly which always tend to get the highest amount of likes, comments and shares. So you need to try and make sure that video content forms a big part of your social media strategy.

User Demographics

Another cool feature is that you can break the insights down into demographics. You can see the percentage split of male and female users, as well as the most popular age categories and where your users are located.

To see this information you need to click onto “people” and then “your fans”

Insert picture 5

The great thing is that you can see exactly where your users are located, right down to their exact city. It even shows you the language that they speak. All this will provide you with in-depth information so that you can target a particular audience based on their age, location, language, etc.

The data you are shown is laid out well as you can see in the image below.

Insert picture 6

As an example; from this data you could determine that in order to get the most interaction on your posts you would need to share your content and target women aged 35-54 who speak English and are based in London.

Or, if you wanted to increase the amount of male followers you can target those aged 35-44 with social updates, again who are based in London as this is the majority male audience.

What the Data Tells You

By following these insights regularly you will be able to work out the demographic you should be targeting to maximise your Facebook activity.

Final Thoughts

Start using Facebook Insights on your own business page as soon as possible. If you do this it won’t be long before you understand how to make your social strategy more targeted and be more successful than it has in the past.

If you need more advice on creating a good, solid social media strategy, or if you would like a professional Digital Marketing Agency to take care of all your social media requirements, please contact SGF Services today.

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