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Your Magento Ecommerce Development: Only With SGF Services

While people create ecommerce websites from WordPress and other platforms, nothing beats Magento development services when it comes to ecommerce development. Magento was developed to build ecommerce websites. SGF Services is the leading name in Magento ecommerce development in Thailand and we have built dozens of Magento websites which prove our mettle.

Magento is easy to maintain, provides amazing features which other platforms can't and Magento sites can look really great, especially when you ask SGF Services, the leading Magento developer in Thailand to build it for you.

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Amazing Advantages of Magento Ecommerce Development

  • Intuitive Content Management: WYSIWYG editor of Magento makes it really simple to create pages just like you want. Its easy to customise and edit even by a less technical person. Create offers, add pages, offer discounts, without touching the code.
  • Advanced SEO: Magento websites are amazingly SEO friendly which means you can optimise the pages and the website to gain ranking and traffic. Magneto development services offer ample room to integrate custom SEO features as well.
  • Highly Scalable: start small and grow your business and Magento ecommerce development will grow with you. It can handle 500,000 products and also cater to 80,000 orders per hour.
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell: Magento development services allow your site to intuitively pop up related products, just like you see on Amazon or eBay. Sell more to customers who came only for one product.
  • Search Filters: Integrated search filters in Magento allows the users to perform advanced searches to find the exact product. If your website has this feature, surely, more customers would flock in.
  • Helpful Community: Whenever you are lacking new ideas or stuck with the implementation, the large community of Magento developers in Thailand would come to your rescue. With so much community based support, nothing can go wrong.
  • Economical: Magento is an open source and free language which means you save huge money of licensing. It also means you can do whatever you want with Magento.
  • Thousands of Extension: Magento has thousands of extensions, often freely downloadable. So, for every idea or feature, you get tons of options. Integrating those works almost out of the box and saves time and money.

Choose SGF Services: The Best Magento Developer in Thailand

  • Experience, Experience & Experience: We have done dozens of Magento ecommerce development which means we know what we are doing. When in our hands, you know your project is in the best hands.
  • Economical: We are based in Thailand so obviously, we ask for less charges yet you get world-class Magento development service. This is the power of outsourcing for you.
  • Responsive Magento Design: Each of our Magento ecommerce websites is mobile responsive which means they fit every device just perfectly. Your products, images and key money making buttons are emphasized and browsing your site on mobile is a breeze.
  • SEO Built-in: Our Magento development services take care of SEO features of your website during the design phase itself. Later on, you just need to paste the codes and the metadata to get your SEO campaign kick started.
  • Multi-Language Support: We know you want to sell to global customers so our Magento ecommerce development supports multi-lingual websites by default. Translate with one click or present the local language website to the users based on his IP.
  • Third Party Extensions: Enhanced ecommerce shopping experience for your users using third party extensions for payment (like Paypal), email campaign (like Mailchimp), shopping aggregators (like eBay) or online advertisement (like Google Shopping).
  • Terrific Analytics: SGF Services integrate Google Analytics during Magento ecommerce development so you can always know the health of your website and visitors. Drill deep down or note the key actionable to take your business further.
  • Best in Class Security: the website and the users are kept safe with the high level of security in employ in our Magento development services. Your users can transact safely, you can keep your data safe and the online shopping never gets more secure!
  • Truly 24*7 Support: We provide complete support during and after development to all our clients so that they are never stuck nor their website is ever down. Our trained executives will respond to you, no matter when you need our help.

Don't wait! We are the proven leader of Magento developers in Thailand and many of the competitors try to copy or emulate what we do for our clients. Have a look at the satisfied clients list and you will realise, we are your best bet for Magento development services in Thailand. Get in touch today with your next big idea and we will help you realise it!