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Key Things To Know Before Hiring SEO & Content Marketing Team
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Key Things To Know Before Hiring SEO & Content Marketing Team

SEO & Content Marketing

Key Things To Know Before Hiring SEO & Content Marketing Team

Do you want to build your business without a million dollar marketing financial plan? The majority of the small businesses do more than what is needed to do.

If you expect results without spending a lot much, then you must carry out two types of marketing to ascend to the top – Search engine optimization (SEO) and Content marketing.

There’s some sort of uncertainty about whether or not content marketing and SEO battle with each other or if content marketing is going to support SEO since “SEO is dead.”

It's very obvious these days that some of our content marketing team members are also our “SEO strategists.” These people attend the same meetings and work on the same projects. The information we get from our SEO work directly or indirectly impact the content we create. Also, the content marketing objectives will determine what we look for in keyword research, which influences how we approach link building. The two marketing disciplines are integrated with each other. Because of this lap over, you must build your SEO and content marketing team at the same time.

According to a few recent researches we performed for the 2016 State of Small Business Report, we have understood that small businesses are experiencing some challenges when hiring, and they also spend less on marketing. Merge those two issues, and you must be having an underfunded marketing department that has undersized team. That’s not acceptable, but we can change the situation. Here’s how you must hire wisely to staff a content marketing department.

The Average Content Marketing Department

Before we look into job descriptions, let’s look at what is “normal” for a content marketing staff. The maximum number of content marketing team is too small – five people or even less.

What is most interesting thing according to Kapost's survey one in five of the companies has a one-person content marketing staff. One in ten companies has no full-time staff member and they have someone doing all the content marketing work on the part-time basis.

Since the one-person team is so widespread, let’s look at some of the fundamental skills you will want in your singly hire.

One Person Content Marketing Department

There is some debate about who should you be hiring first – a content marketing manager or a writer.

The Kapost survey pointed out 41% of companies bring on board a writer first and fill in the manager position afterward.

You can make a remarkable one-person department by hiring a knowledgeable content marketing manager who has knowledge in writing, social media, SEO, websites, strategic planning and basic design. You can get freelancers or agency help to support with the overflow.

If you think that one person can’t do all that? Check out these companies that have done it well:

Rob Misceloff is a solo employee in Smarter Finance USA, got a little help from a freelance strategist and quickly grew his small business finance services.

Climb Healthy is a business run by a solopreneur and trainer who does her own content marketing tasks.

Pet Relocation has a full-time content marketing professional. The company makes use of a lot of user-generated content to generate traffic from social media. They also make the most out of an Oracle system that facilitates customized content as per the users’ location.

The Two Members Content Marketing Department

Your next hire should be a skilled writer who can dedicatedly concentrate on content writing, although your content marketing manager does a little writing and a lot of strategizing.

You need interesting content that can create buzz online and be worth reading as well as sharing, so your writer should be someone who thoroughly knows your niche and knows how to connect with the audience. As niche is so imperative, some companies choose to hire a subject matter expert to do the writing and then hire an editor to proofread the material.

Your writer and/or editor should also have some experience of Search Engine Optimization elements such as performing keyword research, writing title tags and meta descriptions.

The Other Member Of The Team

Once you have filled out those two roles, consider the next hires:

  • Social media manager / community manager. With the increasing audience your social media workload will also increase. So this position has to be filled in at any cost.
  • Analytics and search engine optimization. This has to be a single job since SEO optimization is so deeply linked to tracking conversions along with content marketing return on investment.
  • Managing editor. This hire may become compulsory if you manage a huge publication that receives content from various contributing writers.
  • Director of content marketing / Chief content officer. This individual will be taking over defining and planning the content marketing goals and plans. Due to this reason, this role becomes more like a project manager.
  • Designer/Developer: The person who has to make the entire content look spectacular.

What kind of SEO and content marketing team does your company have and how do you leverage? If you have any new ideas do share with us.

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