Inbound Marketing

Full Content Marketing Services from SGF.

Content is the King and to rank well in the search engines, to create brand awareness and to influence the potential buyers, you need solid content, placed strategically in the buying path of the buyer. SGF Services is the leading content marketing agency in Thailand and we serve that exact purpose. Our immaculate and potent content marketing strategy offers your company to rank at the top, gain wide awareness and help the customers to make a decision in your favour.

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Your Content Marketing Strategy Redefined.

We create the most advanced and detailed inbound marketing strategy because that is the first thing every company should do. This content marketing strategy ensures that the content we are planning to publish and circulate would resonate with your target audience. We also create measurable goals for your content marketing plan as well as integrating the effort with SEO campaign. We also create you an editorial calendar and connect you with relevant channels so that every process is streamlined. Then, we have the perfect resources to create the killer content your competitors would be jealous of!

Content Crafted, Not Copied!

SGF Services is different from all the inbound marketing agencies in Thailand because we don't simply copy and spin even a word of our produced content. We firmly believe that quality check at every stage of content creation is extremely important and that can't simply be done if it is outsourced without control to the freelancers.
Neither does SGF Services ‘buy off’ content from the content creating agencies. Content should have the heart, follow a strict guideline and fall in line with the content marketing strategy we have formulated for you.

The Content Marketing Plan.

Content creation and distribution are parts of a bigger content marketing strategy. We have a detailed and methodical content marketing plan in place.

  • We map the buyer journey for your service or product and place contents at strategic points.
  • We convert your website into an engaging sales pitch where all they see is how you can help them.
  • We also take care of the SEO requirements and keep the site interesting not only for the visitors but also the search engine bots.
  • We create professional content with journalist level expertise and sound authoritative to the information seeking the potential buyer.
  • Our thorough content marketing plan also ensures that each of the contents we publish has a well defined and clearly positioned Call to Action (CTA) button. We know to strike when the iron is hot.

The measurement of Content Marketing Success.

Only 40% of the top content marketers know how to track the success of a content marketing plan and surely, SGF Services is one of those elite inbound marketing agencies in Thailand. We create contents which serve a specific set of purposes for your business. Thus, we measure and report the effectiveness of our campaigns, using content management tools, interactive dashboards, and real-time reports. We ensure that your expenses are well directed and your content marketing strategy is working and yielding results as it should. We perform

  • Traffic analysis: site visits, blog visit, blog interaction time, bounce rate, keyword position on SERP and more.
  • ROI Analysis: Sales, customer conversion and leads generated.
  • Regular Reporting: Compare current performance with previous performance, detailed data, Key takeaways.

If you are looking for the best content marketing in Thailand, you have come to the right place. We handle content marketing campaigns, singularly and as a part of our SEO packages, for clients from all over the world and our writers are so well experienced that almost nothing requires a rewrite. You get the best value for your money, ride the trends before others and enjoy unmatched ROI for your business.

Stop losing time and lead to your competitors, act now! Contact SGF Services today!