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The Importance Of User Experience In SEO - SGF Services
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The Importance Of User Experience In SEO

important user experience

The Importance Of User Experience In SEO

The importance of user experience in SEO cannot be ignored by any company wishing to be successful in their market sector.

Here’s why it is so important along with some major factors that need to be taken into account:

Hand in Hand:

The implementation, maintenance and improvement of effective and productive SEO is key to the prosperity of every businesses. By achieving this, a consistent improvement in terms of search engine rankings will be seen, but this alone is insufficient.

It is also vital to realise that it is the level of user experience which will encourage visitors to return on a regular basis.

It stands to reason that those visitors who appreciate the layout and ease of use of your site will continue to return. In the vast majority of cases, returning visitors turn into customers. This process increases conversion rates that naturally increase sales. In short; increased market sector visibility and satisfactory user experience increases profitability.

What customer experience are you offering?

The individual or department concerned for ensuring an attractive web presence and positive customer experience needs to take a step back and put themselves in the shoes of existing and potential visitors.

An effective way to do this is to recruit other members of the company and/or responsible and trusted acquaintances outside of your operation to visit your site and give honest, reliable and constructive comments regarding what they see as the positive side of their visit as well as any negatives.

This simple and easy process will allow those concerned with maximising a positive customer experience to take each comment into account. They will then be in a position to improve points that surface regularly or individual comments they feel are justified for improvement.

Five major areas to concentrate on are:

  • Ease of navigation
  • Ease of obtaining general information
  • Ease of contact for specific information required
  • An easy to use, visible section for positive as well as negative comments about your site.
  • An effective, easy to use check-out function that encourages purchases to be completed promptly, efficiently and easily.

Each of these considerations can be enhanced by introducing a well-run live chat application. This is particularly the case with the check-out option whereby you establish ‘live’ chat assistance for any customer that appears to be having problems completing their purchase.

A good customer experience self-generates interest:

A company needs to be constantly aware that a good customer experience is the perfect way to generate free publicity, increase visitor numbers and offers an excellent opportunity to increase lead conversion.

The reason for this is once again very straightforward. The vast majority of visitors to your site who have an enjoyable experience, find the answers they are looking for in an easy, navigable way will be satisfied with such an experience.

This being the case they will spread the news to their friends and associates encouraging them to take a look for themselves. Those alerted via this method will in all probability check-out your site. Assuming they are happy with the experience they will continue to spread the word on your presence. This self-perpetuating process is a highly effective way in which increased visitor numbers to your site can be achieved.

While it has already been mentioned, it needs to be hammered home:

The more satisfied visitors your site receives, the more they will return and alert others. This combination is one that is sure to increase lead generation and in turn increase sales.

Do not ignore mobile users

The importance of user experience in SEO relating to mobile users is crucial to your company’s prosperity. It is estimated that around 60% of visitors now access sites using mobile devices. To prove this, you should regularly check your SEO statistics for confirmation of how visitors are reaching you.

If your site offers an excellent user experience for those accessing via computers or laptops, but an average or poor experience when accessed via a mobile device it is a given that mobile users are unlikely to return.

By maximising the mobile users experience you will be greatly increasing your prospects of securing a leading position in your chosen business sector.

SGF Services are a Thailand based Internet Marketing Agency. If you would like to start marketing your business to thousands of potential online customers, contact us today!

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