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Hosting & Email

If you have a website, you might have heard of servers. The server is a computer which holds all the files, data and coding for your website and when someone opens your website, he gets the website data from the server itself. The data are ‘hosted’ on the server and catered as per request to the users.
SGF Services offers the highest category, Asian servers with CDN, bringing secure and efficient web hosting services to Thailand. SGF Services then has a most dedicated team of server and web experts at hand who will assist in whatever your needs thus resolving your company of employing internal website and server maintenance teams.

Your Hosting & Email Agency in Bangkok

For servers, there are three options:

Your home PC: Sounds the easiest, right? In fact, this is the worst choice because setting up a server on a PC is not straightforward. The PC also needs to run 24*7 and have an uninterrupted internet connection. Anything going wrong with the computer would bring down the website itself.

Free Hosting: It is free alright but like every free thing in life, it is not worth it. Firstly, they might ask you to use a horrible looking URL (e.g. Secondly, they offer limited data and storage so not only you can't load complete website but also will fail to cater to the users. Finally, they can add adverts and pop-ups on your website and completely ruin the experience and professionalism.

SGF Services: Welcome to the professional way of hosting your website. There are basically 7 advantages of hosting your website with us

  • Choice Domain Name: No need to forcefully choose any domain name. Choose what is most apt for you and what befits your business the best.
  • Free Unlimited Email
  • Easy Setup: Our servers take only a few clicks to get up and going. With we doing almost every technical tweaks, you can remain assured of trouble-free and fast service.
  • Support: Our specially trained and amiable support team is always there for you, 24*7 and so, if you are stuck or want to know more or need technical assistance, we will help you out immediately.
  • Major Platforms Supported: WooCommerce, WordPress, Joomla, PHP, Magento; you name it and we have a default support ready for the platforms. With all the major website building platforms supported, setting up your website is super easy.
  • Security: Securing your website is a major component of our web hosting and we at SGF takes security very seriously. Together with supporting open-source software updates, we provide you with the best malware and firewall tools to protect your website from external threat including hacking and viruses.
  • Backup: If anything happens to our servers, force majeure, we keep a regular back up in the cloud which means getting your data is safe and getting your website up and running would take a few minutes.

Our full services encompasses all web hosting services which will allow you to then focus and reach your full potential growth in terms of marketing traffic and business.

The best Email Solutions in Bangkok

Along with complete hosting solution, we also offer custom email solutions. Think, how good a Gmail or Outlook email id would look for professional contacts! You need a professional email id like or to sound really professional. We offer to create unlimited email accounts, with unlimited space for each one, along with our hosting solutions.

SGF Services is surprising the clients with our constantly improving service level, innovative features, and top class support system. If you are looking for a reliable server for your website and professional business email solutions, look no further, SGF Services is the ultimate answer.

Our Key Skills for Hosting & Email

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Our Hosting & Email Services In Thailand

Unlimited email

Create as many email accounts you want for your domain.

Unlimited space

We offer unlimited space for every email account. No need to delete emails, no need to worry about low disk space, no mail ever bounces due to lack of space.

Virus Protection

Our email accounts employ leading third-party virus protection in real time so that no malicious email can execute in your inbox. Keep your business safe and secure with our email service.

Email client integration

Do you use Thunderbird or Outlook to handle your emails? Our email services integrate with your favourite mail clients in a few clicks.


Keep your emails locally (POP3) or access the emails from our servers (IMAP), we offer both the features so that you can find your emails whenever you need them.

Always Up

Our email servers are backed by our server team and thus, like our hosting solution, they are always up. If something happens to our email servers, we keep back up copies and you never lose any of your emails.


Watch our explainer video for hosting services:


Will I lose any emails as I switch over to SGF email hosting service?

No. Our support team will help guide you through the transition to make sure nothing is lost during the hosting switch.

Why will it take up to 72 hours before my emails are accessible again?

Mostly due to technical reasons, such as having to make sure your domain’s MX record is changed and is directing to our services. During this time, it can take a while for the DNS changes to register, and thus is why it “may” take up to 72 hours for changes to go through.

Can I use Outlook with SGF email hosting?

Most definitely! And if you’re having issues, our SGF Services support team can help make sure you get everything up and running.

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