Email Marketing Thailand

Email Marketing with a local Bangkok agency; SGF Services

Emails are direct, personalised and instant. Do you need more reasons to invest in email marketing services? Welcome to SGF Services, the best email marketing campaigns creators in Thailand. With innovative emails and perfect tracking mechanism, we set your email campaign on fire.

Email marketing has always been our forte and we have been rated as the best email marketing agency in Thailand. Our invaluable experience is always there to guide you to the best result and our energetic workforce would set up the campaign in no time.

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The mantra of our success.

Emails need a few factors to be successful and we incorporate each of those factors in our emails. The heading is written professionally to attract users to open it. The email has the perfect balance of images and texts to appeal to the reader and also inform him of the purpose. The emails also carry perfectly optimised CTA so that the readers are guided towards our goal.

Why choose SGF Services for email marketing in Thailand?

Thailand’s best email marketing agency is here and you want someone else to handle your email marketing campaign? SGF Services is the perfect choice for email marketing solutions because we understand the Thai psyche better than anything and anyone. Our cleverly disguised promotional messages sound like best friend’s advice to your users.

Our world-class tracking and reporting make us the most preferred email marketing service in the Thailand. We would tell you how many users received the email, how many of them opened it and how many scrolled down to which extent and how many interacted with the email. We would even tell you if someone is blocking you as a sender. Finally, we would know if our emails are landing in the spam folder of an inbox and take corrective measure. We even have a SPAM checking mechanism to predict if the email is smelling like spam. And of course, we have the corrective measures with us.

We are changing the face of marketing in Thailand. We optimise the body of the email using professional copywriters, mostly native British. SGF add the local flavour using experienced local Thai advert writers, as needed. You can choose from our large stock images to use on your email campaigns and we would create infographics using talented designers if you wish to insert those. We will, actually, test mail you until you think it is prime for reaching out to your customers.

Using a balanced mix of texts, images, videos, infographics and CTA, our emails go out as a magnet, a magnet to attract users and revenue to your business.

Whether you want to send out a mailer about the latest additions of new products or send a promotional message containing discount codes or a mail which informs and prepares your users for a new launch or just informative, we have the right experience to handle it professionally and expertly. SGF Services is indeed among the most skillful email marketing companies in Thailand.

Our rates would simply flatten you with the surprise element. We are one of the lowest charging premium email marketing company in Thailand. When the quality and value are considered together, SGF Services stands where it should as an email marketing company, at the top.