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Digital Marketing - SGF Services
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Digital Marketing

Welcome to SGF Services, the top online digital marketing agency in Thailand where all your online marketing Thailand dreams, aims and goals come true. We will help you establish a core to your online marketing through a strong branding, along with website design and development. We are a certified agency who can help handle every campaign type for you

Whether that be Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Optimisation (SMO), email marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), online video marketing or even something else. We provide 360 degree online marketing in Thailand for our clients and our special offerings include Google Penalty Removal and Online Reputation Management (ORM) as well.

Digital Marketing

Your Digital Marketing Agency in Bangkok

If you have a website for your business or for your project then you probably need traffic to generate revenue. We will generate that traffic via different mediums of internet marketing and also help you to reach greater profitability. Use the services of internet marketing in Thailand from SGF Services to ace your competitors and enjoy the highest online revenue and profit.

As you can tell, in this day and age; everything is digital and everything is accessible online (At least all of the major players are). Our team of professionals at SGF have many years of experience under their belt. Together, we at SGF are a Microsoft Bing Ads certified agency as well a Facebook certified agency also. This, combined with our team’s knowledge and talent; makes us one of the more “complete” digital marketing agencies that Thailand and Bangkok has to offer.

Our digital marketing services cover a broad range of markets, platforms and services. Be sure to explore the services we offer, or read about some of the services that we offer down below.

Our Key Skills for Digital Marketing

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Our Digital Marketing Services In Thailand

Adaptive and flexible

Digital marketing is quite a broad term and different clients will need a different combination of services in order for their business and/or product to best. Consult with our professionals to see where you stand and what it is you need.

Design, Develop, Promote

Dependent on your needs, the steps of process for digital marketing can change. But our team is there and able to do any and all steps of your digital marketing needs if needed.

We Support

Even after a campaign is set up, there is still much work to be done after the fact. Reporting, monitoring and optimization is constant work that our experts can do for you. Starting your online campaign is the beginning of a relationship, not the end of it.

Native Speakers

Context is everything, and there is nothing worse when you have an idea that you would like to pitch, but it doesn’t quite sound the same in Thai (or in English). No guess work, let our native speaking professionals do the work.

Website Design and Development

You don’t have a website yet? Not a problem. Not only can our team at SGF Services set up, run, monitor and optimize your campaigns for you, but we can get you all started with a fresh website for you to call your own.


Communication is key and communication is king. We at SGF make it all simple for you by appointing a Single Point of Contact (SPOC), so that all of the data and messages are streamlined and are all in one place.


Our Digital Marketing Services in Video


Digital Marketing covers a wide range of services. So, what exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing does indeed cover many different types of services, methods and strategies. Digital marketing essentially involves marketing to consumers and potential clients through electronic devices and through internet-connected devices, thus the word digital.

What kind of services, platforms or channels does Digital Marketing cover?

The most popular forms of digital marketing are; social media marketing, search engine marketing (and SEO), PPC marketing and email marketing.

Which kind of digital marketing services does my business need?

Whilst this is something you would be consulted on by one of our professionals at SGF, the most popular and most obvious choices (without knowing your product, project or business), would typically be social media marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

How long until I start seeing results from the digital marketing campaigns?

It can take several months before you start seeing any significant changes for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, something like social media marketing, you ought to see results and can track the data as soon as the campaign launches/starts.

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Stand out of the Crowd

If you want your company to become unforgettable and successful, you need the right communication. And it’s start with the image you send to your prospects and customers. Stop thinking about it and hire us to get things done!

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