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Defining Brand Identity - SGF Services
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Defining Brand Identity

Company branding

Defining Brand Identity

Successfully defining brand identity is certainly no walk in the park. It requires belief, determination, dedication and focus. It also calls for perseverance and a clear understanding of how you want your company to be viewed by the type of audience you have firmly in mind.

Define yourself:

It is vitally important that you begin with a purpose and a clear idea of the projected image you want others to see, appreciate and warm to. This will certainly not happen overnight, but if you stay true to your brand portraying principles and maintain a constant and consistent message the drip effect will steadily increase in flow.

Define your customer base:

Companies that attempt to be everything to everyone generally end up being nothing to no-one! Start as you mean to continue. In-depth, clear and focused research is required. You should be fully aware of the type of audience you want and work to build on the knowledge gained. Ensure consistency is the main-stay of interesting and attentive brand awareness initiatives.

This determination and focus will see positive results over time. It is no secret that companies who flourish in their chosen market sector do so because they remain consistent to their beliefs and consistent in their approach.

Clearly defined communication channels count:

You need to look very closely at the communication channels your target audience use. Put full focus on the most popular and double focus on any that are close behind.

Don’t dismiss the power of mobile even though achieving the intended effect and consistency of delivery is still a challenge to contend with. Even if initial results appear unrewarding you should stick with it. By doing so those deserved rewards will come your way.

It is also prudent to regularly mix, match, compare and consider numbers using the most popular individual channels you are followed on against revenue per ‘head’ of the lesser used but higher value channels.

Understand the competition:

Taking a very keen interest in activities and initiatives of the big guns in your sector is a healthy, sensible approach. It allows you to see what they are doing well and where they may be falling short.

Imitation is certainly not the way to go and those attempting such a route are soon found wanting, but an overall, in-depth understanding of what works well across your sector can be studied, discussed and mature rapidly into unique and original exposure of a brand that people consider is going places.

Consistency is key:

Take pride in keeping your message and image consistent across every layer. Consumers warm to positive familiarity. It puts them at ease and makes them receptive to the consistent messages you are getting over.

It is also important to remember that while good press is always welcome you should not shy away from any negatives. If criticism or customer gripes surface now and then do not ignore them but react positively. Address them early, face them head on, deal swiftly with anything you feel is a valid issue by taking appropriate action and then move on.

This pro-active approach will demonstrate passion and belief in your brand and that conviction will rightly convince. This ‘Let’s Do’ attitude shows you are listening. That you understand plaudits are pleasant but you have no intention of simply dismissing valid gripes. This approach will show your brand is real and you intend to keep it that way as interest and exposure continue positive growth.

Crank up your brand – Influencer marketing:

We will finish with an ending that really should be considered as a continual, highly effective brand awareness strategy.

Well-placed, selective and intuitive influencer marketing strategies can far exceed expectations.

A carefully chosen campaign can boost brand awareness incredibly. Consider strongly that in this sense less is often more. Don’t try and promote many things at once. Think things through, be open to thoughts and ideas from the influencer and major on focus.

Achieving and defining your brand identity by harnessing genuine influencer enthusiasm is a formula to be admired.

If you brand identity is suffering in the online world and you would like to get your brand in front of thousands of potential customers, talk to us today!

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