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Corporate Design - SGF Services
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Corporate Design

Images, pictures, photos and graphics. Aesthetics is everything. Logos are one of the first thing that people will see and is the most important factor when it comes to creating a brand image for your company.

So, where in Thailand can you go about getting something like this done professionally? SGF Services, that’s where. Not only does our graphic design team in Bangkok provide graphic design, but we also provide professional logo design here in Bangkok too. We create and design logos which will represent and convey everything about your business to your potential customers.

Corporate Design

Corporate Branding in Bangkok from SGF

Having a great design for your website here in Thailand is one thing. But in order to really get a leg up on your competitors, you have to dive deeper into the subliminal arts of corporate branding. A unique appeal is needed in order to penetrate the subconscious of your visitors and stand apart from your competitors. Same can be said for logo design in Bangkok as all professionals will know; good graphics, along with professional logo, make you look good and professional.

Visually convey your message and optimize your conversions and selling!

But did you also know that Graphic design is not only about the looks and aesthetics? Going for professional graphic design in Bangkok means you also creates intuitive navigation for the users, smoothing the path to conversion! Strategic placements of different elements of a website, as well as the knowledge of where to place a CTA button for maximum exposure is also another indicator of why you would want to use SGF Services for your corporate design, graphic design and logo branding needs.

Make sure your brand is easily distinguishable from your competitors. Make sure you use professional logo design in Bangkok to lead you to brand recognition and help you to triumph over your competitors.

Our Key Skills for Corporate Design

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Our Corporate Design Services In Thailand

Complete Flexibility

Do you have an idea? Do you need help with an idea? We have hundreds of themes to choose from or we can help consult on your brand design or we will do your design with you, from scratch. Whichever it is, SGF can do it.

Quick Turnaround Time

We all have a thousand things on our plates, and the quicker we get something done, the quicker we can get to knocking out all of the other things that need doing. No fussing about, SGF will do our best to give you a quick turnaround.

Convey Your Message

A brand or a logo isn’t simply just a pretty picture. It represents something. It represents a message and a symbol. Most importantly, it represents you. Let our professionals create the intuitive brand design you deserve.


Watch our explainer video for graphic branding


What’s the difference between Corporate design, visual identity or graphic branding?

They basically mean the same thing. It’s the concept of establishing a visual bond between your business, company or project to the people connected to it such as your customers.

Can’t I just pick a random pretty picture to be my logo?

Of course you can. Though we wouldn’t recommend it. Think of the big picture, it’s not just about the logo. The colours, shapes and font used all represent your brand and message. Coherence is key, and this is all something our professionals at SGF can help you with.

Which file formats does SGF work with and what formats can I request?

The typical formats that our team works with (and will usually provide) are: EPS (vector), JPEG and PNG. As we have delivered practical and efficient graphic design for companies from different domains, selling different products and services to different targets in different market, our team can work to get you the right format for your needs. Just let us know and we can discuss together what it is you need.

I already have an old design, and want to improve upon or reuse it. Can I?

Most definitely! Consultation and discussing what you can do to improve upon, or better convey your message across with your brand design is something that we at SGF Services can do for you.

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Stand out of the Crowd

If you want your company to become unforgettable and successful, you need the right communication. And it’s start with the image you send to your prospects and customers. Stop thinking about it and hire us to get things done!

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