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Affiliate Marketing - SGF Services
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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is arguably one of the most popular forms and methods of generating passive income for yourself. Some think it’s just as easy as placing a link or two on a website, though there’s quite a lot of science behind it that many are unaware of. To efficiently advertise your product and/or services and get actual potential and realistically convertible leads, then there are some factors you want to consider. And all of this is something our SGF experts can do for you, as well as help you with.

Your Affiliate Marketing Agency in Bangkok

Promoting other people’s products and/or services, and then earning a commission on every sale made from your affiliate link sounds like an incredible way to make money. And it is! When it’s working and running right that is. Performance based commissions can sometimes be difficult to get up and running, and if your referrals aren’t generating sales and revenue, then it can be quite disappointing and demotivating.

But not everything has to be difficult. Especially when you have our local professionals here at SGF Services here to help and assist you in your Affiliate Marketing needs. When our experts help you with a affiliate marketing campaign, they will prioritize on delivering you with actual tangible results. Whether you’re the Merchant or Creator, or the Affiliate or Publisher.

And as many that has tried will know, starting on the Affiliate and/or Publisher path isn’t easy. It takes time and effort in order to build enough traffic that would make any significant amount of income. Whether you need experts to help you set up a network, or if it’s simply consultation that you need, our experts at SGF Services can provide you with that too.

Contact us today to see what it is that our local SGF professionals can do for you.

Our Key Skills for Affiliate Marketing

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Our Affiliate Marketing Services In Thailand

Flexible Affiliate Programs

Blogs, Reviews and/or Information Sites. SGF can assist with all.

Detailed Reports

Track all the data and details of your clicks, conversions and sales.

Program Management

We can help you manage your affiliate network.


Our Affiliate Marketing Services in Video


What exactly is affiliate marketing and how does it make me money?

The basic definition is that affiliate marketing is a form of marketing. “Affiliate Marketers”, commonly known as the Affiliate and/or Publisher, helps to promote someone else’s product and/or service through the affiliate's own channels. Whenever a sale is made, that Affiliate then earns a commission off the sale.

What are the roles involved in Affiliate Marketing?

The Merchant/Creator is the person/people that actually have the product and/or service to sell.
The Network is the name of the group where all markets and roles are involved in promoting the product and/or service.
The Affiliate/Publisher is the marketer who assists in promoting the product and/or service.
The Customer is the party who ends up buying the product and/or service.

What kind of products and/or services can be promoted?

Pretty much any product and/or service that can be sold online will work. Though brick-and-mortar businesses have been known to benefit from affiliate marketing as well. The real question is, what kind of product and/or service are you passionate about selling or promoting?

Is it possible to be both a Merchant and an Affiliate?

Most definitely! There’s nothing stopping you from selling your own products and/or services along side promoting and marketing as an affiliate for other products and/or services.

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If you want your company to become unforgettable and successful, you need the right communication. And it’s start with the image you send to your prospects and customers. Stop thinking about it and hire us to get things done!

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