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8 Simple Social Media Hacks to Connect More with Fans Online
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8 Simple Social Media Hacks to Connect More with Fans Online

Social Media Hacks

8 Simple Social Media Hacks to Connect More with Fans Online

Whether you know or not, just creating a website with all advanced features and functionalities necessary to entertain your customers will alone won't do wonders. Connecting your target audience and promoting your products and services to them is equivalently important for more online interaction and publicity of your business brand. Thus, there can be nothing as better as social media to reach out to your customers and boost up audience engagement.

Social media marketing has without a doubt become an imperative activity for every social media marketing company in order to connect more with the customers. Not only can you induce them to engage with you and know more about your products and services but also inspire them to share your content within their social network. But, once in a while, it is quite a challenge to magnetize your clients and at the same time encourage them to share your content.

Here are eight constructive hacks for improving your social media strategy and maintain an unswerving social presence.

Use Alluring Images and Videos

Images are more influential compared to plain text. It is illustrious that humans can narrate with an image 90% more than simple sentences and hence it is compulsory to incorporate engrossing images, graphics or even videos to draw in traffic and catch audience interests’. Creative ideas of showing an interesting sneak peek of a new product launched or giving a description of your services using a video can make your customers halt and look out for more.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags are the most excellent technique to let people search pertinent social content. Ensure that your chosen hashtags are your prime keywords, products, and services so that it becomes simpler for people to look for them. Furthermore, you can also rummage around social media networks or go through databases such as or Hashatit to identify relevant hashtags and make your content more discoverable.

Share Trending News

Keep an eye on the news or events that are hot potatoes for some time within the social media. Harness it by making use of it creatively in your conversations to engage more and receive peoples’ new opinions and suggestions. Twitter and Facebook are the galore to find attention-grabbing news that can ignite conversations and create a huge audience.

Useful Social Media Tools

Incorporating social media tools with your everyday social postings schedule can be of great benefit. Not only do they assist you in organized posting of your social content but also supports you to keep a track of the continuous conversations and facilitates in active participation of your audience. A lot of free easy engagement tools are also there out on the internet if you are do not wish to spend more money on such resources. Some of the widely known tools are Tweetdeck, Sprinklr, Hootsuite, Buffer, and Spredfast are all within budget and fosters a lot in keeping your audiences' attention captured.

Conduct a Contest and Give Gifts/Prizes

This effective SMM service is a great engagement tactic and you can achieve by holding a contest and giving gifts to the winners in response. Plan out an exclusive contest which has an easy process for the public to participate and in that way drive more traffic to your page.

Conduct Polls

Conducting polls are a powerful way of pulling traffic. It entails remarkable participation and you can get huge audience base as a result of more people getting in to share their views as well as suggestions.

Interesting and Thought Provoking Questions

Add more and more interactions on your page by putting forth challenging and attention-grabbing questions which your audience would find interest in answering. Include an image or a video and see a huge progress in terms of instant traffic generation to your page.

Tagging People Sharing and Commenting Your Posts

Make sure you tag your dedicated audience in your future posts who participates and responds to your product, in order to increase credibility. This can embrace other well-known brands as well. Additionally more, perk up the engagement, shoot out notifications to them and let them know that they are valuable and drive them to share it within their network.

The Final Say

Now, when you know all these noteworthy tips and tricks for social media marketing, you should be able to boost your audience engagement and in this manner built a brand name for your business online. If you lack time and expertise to manage and implement these tactics efficiently, you can always hire professional Social Media Marketer from a reliable social media agency for support.

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