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8 SEO Trends Smart SEO Marketers Will Focus On In 2017
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8 SEO Trends Smart SEO Marketers Will Focus On In 2017

8 SEO Trends Smart

8 SEO Trends Smart SEO Marketers Will Focus On In 2017

With the New Year come new SEO theories and trends. While there are a few components of search engine optimization that have worked for lot many years and will keep working, there will always be new releases that you must shift your focus to. One of the most frequently asked questions on various Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is, “What’s new coming up in SEO?” It’s a constantly changing landscape that never sits idle long.

Let's check out the eight trends that every marketer must be aware of as we start 2017.

Google will emphasize more on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

It’s no hush that Google is more inclined to AMP – Accelerated Mobile pages. Web pages load instantaneously, thus providing an enhanced user experience. An explanation from the AMP open source website: AMP is an approach to building web pages for content that is static that deliver faster. AMP when functioning consists of 3 diverse parts: AMP HTML is HTML with certain restrictions for steadfast performance and certain extensions for making rich content ahead of basic HTML. The AMP JS library guarantees the fast rendering of AMP HTML pages. The Google AMP Cache can be utilized for catering cached AMP HTML pages.

Long-form content will keep performing well in the search results

A long-form content which is more than 2,000 words has been confirmed to greatly perform in the search results. It’s something that a lot of marketers embraced a couple of years ago and it’s still an helping hand for those willing to rank organically and give the value necessary to convert website visitors into quality leads, sales and profits.

HTTPS is no more an option

HTTPS – Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is known to keep your data exchange between your user's computer and your website safe and secure. Consumers are quite internet savvy than they were a couple of years back, and now expect no less than a safer experience while they visit a website. The expense to move to HTTPS is negligible and other than the security benefits; Google has confirmed it’s a ranking factor.

Social media will improve referral traffic

Everyone knows that how much activity and engagement happens on social media on a daily basis. Many products, as well as services, are being found on social media, consumers are looking for support on social media when needed and brands are active on various platforms every day — it’s a huge source of qualitative referral traffic.

Home-based voice search will explode

Amazon Echo and Google Home helps consumers to search for anything and everything they want with no effort – actually. Get answers to all your questions, and these services will keep on evolving and incorporating new features. This new technology is going to grow speedily this year and will offer local businesses a dynamic way to be discovered, whether one book an Uber or orders a pizza. Every business can now be easily found.

Links will continue to be a spin-off for good content

Links aren’t going to vanish off they are even now the key ranking factor. Instead of emphasizing on how to secure them, make content that is so good that people share it as well as link it without a second thought. Detailed case studies and visual infographics and reports will be performing better than average blog posts. There are visual infographics that many agencies posted years ago for brands that still brings them links natural links each week.

Mobile-first strategies is inevitability now

With maximum traffic coming from mobile devices, it will actually make you think about the mobile user first when designing your page layouts as well as offers. The best thing is that there is no doubt to the fact that mobile traffic percentages are constantly growing. There are still a lot of businesses that isn’t seeing a huge percentage of mobile traffic. For instance manufacturing plant building web page — the preponderance of their traffic is going to come from a desktop user when in an office setting. They have a mobile friendly contact alternative, which is excellent, but a complete redesign isn’t as essential as it would be for a consumer eCommerce website.

User Experience (UX) will continue to be beneficial

There are a lot of benefits of offering an amazing user experience that have a direct influence on your SEO. Visitors stay on your site for a longer time and engage more with your content, and this ultimately will decrease your bounce rate. This also boosts the average time on site and chances of a conversion to take place, or at least a social share or follow to happen.

The Final Say

Now when you are aware of the above key points, it’s a myth that SEO is dying, at least not in the upcoming years. In fact, SEO is evolving and becoming smarter. Remember, SEO specialists who work from the user’s point of view and plan out strategies according to the new algorithm will continue to exist in 2017. And very important – Black Hat SEO is on the point of its death.

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