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8 Powerful Tools for SEO Competitor Analysis Pro Marketers Use
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8 Powerful Tools for SEO Competitor Analysis Pro Marketers Use

SEO Competitor Analysis

8 Powerful Tools for SEO Competitor Analysis Pro Marketers Use

Every business owner has business partners as well as competitors, which they very well should be able to race with and stay a step ahead in this online competition. But how would you win over your competitors and what tools should you be using for SEO competitor analysis to outperform your business. Gaining a detailed understanding of competitive analysis using few pioneering tools can help you plan your next marketing move.

The Competitor Analysis tool is created to provide a categorization of your website's search friendliness against your competitors based on several SEO metrics. Just provide your web page URL, as well as your competitor's web page URL and any search phrase or targeted keyword. The tool will offer an SEO comparison report that contains an analysis of how good you are competing against your competitors for the specified keyword phrase(s) and assist you to make out on page optimization areas and the important factors that can foster you enhance web page listing in organic search results.

Here are 8 tools that will help you bring in more traffic

SE Ranking – Track rankings

SE Ranking supports you monitor competitors’ search rankings on all search engines and target regions until five projects per website. You can get comprehensive reports on main competitors, counting data on their average positions, website visibility, and traffic forecast. You can also collect data for the first page of any tracked inquiry and order them by visibility. This tool offers to the point information on the top 10 websites for every query of yours. If you have to track anything profoundly, add it to the ‘Main Competitors’ tab and search for getting more details.

SE Ranking

InfiniGraph – Watch Social Media Trends

InfiniGraph tracks trends in the social media group. It joins consumer-to-brand interactions in real time and uses targeting to identify what content and brands are trendy at present. With Social Intelligence, you can without trouble pay heed to the most powerful influencers and content for a flourishing campaign. This tool also allows tracking social media movement of your competitors in your domain and gets insight into your target audience. InfiniGraph is not social listening but it is a keyword-based Social Intelligence that ranks social activities by the ‘relevance’ aspect.

Monitor Backlinks – look at backlink profiles

Monitor Backlinks is the newest tool in the market but has already acquired a great reputation. You can track several competitors’ backlinks; reveal heaps of negative backlinks, and find out quality ones. It can assist in evaluating the backlinks of webmasters and bloggers in your sphere to build up your own link building scheme, make quality links from your rivals, and write link attracting content. You can also guesstimate the traffic hike based on keyword positioning and efforts to increase good backlinks to some websites. Also, easily check out new links from your opponent, identify good and bad links, get an extensive SEO snapshot, compare the results, and build up a new marketing plan.

Monitor Backlinks

SpyFu – view competitor keywords

SpyFu is a dynamic tool that permits you to see all data on competitors’ keywords in both AdWords and organic search to dig up even more related keywords. You just have to insert competitors’ keywords and get an on the whole view of their strategy. You can without problems get a list of keywords that your competitors are focusing on in AdWords and the organic search. This is a useful tool to research niches, highly searched keywords, and plan tests. Analyze the destination URLs for each ad with the intention of seeing how the competition is best utilizing the landing pages.

SpyFu Keyword Research

Open Site Explorer – Check backlinks

Open Site Explorer is a widely known and user-friendly tool from Moz that supports in monitoring backlinks. By its virtue, you can not only follow all competitors’ backlinks, but make use of that date to develop your link building strategies. This best thing about it is that you can avail the whole caboodle including anchor text, data on the page and domain authority, linking domains, and comparison of links up to 5 websites. You can without trouble look into the links that your competitors have, make a comparison between their link profiles and yours, and make a better link building idea.

Open Site Explorer Link Research Backlink Checker Moz

Moat – Locates where ads are running

Moat is a multi-functional tool for advertising sector. With it, find out what ads are broadcasted from diverse websites and leading brands. You can check the places and size of newly displayed ads and Moat gives a sequential guide on where to run your own ads. You can type in the brand names of the competitors you want to keep a close look at and get a thorough report of the exhibiting ads they are telecasting.

iSpionage – Track keywords

iSpionage is one of the innovative surveillance tools that makes it simple to see what your competitors are strategizing for organic search. It has a set of tools that contains SEO competitive research, keyword tracking, and social monitoring. These tools enable you to enter opponents and check out the top keywords for PPC and organic, how much they pay out for both and see the most useful ad copy. Then it offers comparison graphs for you – no number crunching is needed.

Alexa – monitor traffic

Alexa enables tracking global web traffic of your own as well as competitor websites. “It is rightly said that information is power, and Alexa is one of those inevitable tools that you can make use to change the data into competitive value for your business. If you have the Moz toolbar, it will represent the Alexa ranking of any website to you. It allows you to keep an eye on your competitors’ traffic, backlinks, keywords, and more. It is thought-provoking to compare similar websites in your specialization: get data on global competitors and website rankings for a big picture.


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