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6 Reasons Why You Must Rethink About Google+ For SEO
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6 Reasons Why You Must Rethink About Google+ For SEO

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6 Reasons Why You Must Rethink About Google+ For SEO

Google+ is undoubtedly the most dynamic social media platform for your business from an SEO point of view. Millions of people are addicted to social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Even huge organizations are on these platforms to endorse their offers. With the blend of social media and online marketing strategies, a lot of entrepreneurs think that they have worn out all their efforts and resources.

Quite the opposite, a lot of them have no idea that there is another prosperous service, which comes from one of the leading tech companies worldwide.

This online community, which has lately celebrated its birthday on 28 June 2017, is Google+. Regardless of the fact that it is a tenderfoot in the industry, it has already collected roughly 250 million users.

Here are 5 reasons why mingle Google Plus Activities with Search Engine Optimization:

Well-Optimized Pages

Google+ pages are considered like every other page on the internet by Google. It will get a right page rank (if optimized) and will become indexed to become visible in Google search results. A lot of businesses created Google+ company page because they can receive a good number of views in a short span of time. This is likely due to consistent page optimization, post frequency and of course the influence of Google.

Vast Communities

Moreover, SEO aims Google+ has more than 100 million active members which offer brands the opportunity to reach the communities on the platform. Google+ Communities can be equated to Facebook groups. Every community is focalized around a particular topic and members have the chance to post, comment and like on the content displayed in each community. It would be smart to spend some time on the platform to touch your chosen professionals and prospects in their individual community. This will support you to build your brand awareness and your individual community.

SEO + SMM = Search Experience Optimization:

One of the main motives why your business should be utilizing Google+ is the ‘search experience optimization’ factor. Search engine optimization has altered quickly over the years as the internet has altered and search engines algorithms have advanced to create better user experience by providing perfect results. Without getting excessively technical, search engine optimization is underpinned by a number of factors counting web page speed, page titles, backlinks, keywords, mobile optimization, user experience, content, and much more. However, since search engines are persistently looking to enhance the user experience, they are now taking social media metrics into consideration when determining what content will be highlighted in search results. Data has proven that there is a constructive correlation between the sum of social signals and rankings (likes, +1s, and tweets) to website authority. To boot, since large social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ have high web authority, sharing your content on a social site can facilitate to build web authority and backlinks for your website. If you operate a business that is dependent on web traffic, you cannot shilly-shally to pay attention to leveraging social media to make an effort to drive traffic, build authority backlinks and search authority for your website.

Highly-Optimized Content

Google+ content can endure the test of time as every post can be found in a Google search and it will without fail rank in Google. This is noteworthy because Google commands almost 70% of all search engine traffic as per Net Market Share until 2016.

Perfect Hashtags

The usage of Hashtags in Google+ interlinks every post to a search on the platform. This will support you to index in Google for particular hashtags, making it simpler for your business to be discoverable with industry specific labels or content. Don’t interpret Google+ like Instagram with the lots of hashtags that you would look to post with every photo. Try to maintain 1-2 hashtags for every post (just like hashtags used for tweets on Twitter) or not even one.

Desired Search Results

It will help you to strategically set up desired search results rooted in your account description, Google My Business search show (location based), photos and content in search. This is vital for small businesses that are targeting a local audience as it will help your profile and website to be found by local searchers and Google My Business at present displays your company name, location on a map, photos, address, industry, a phone number, working hours, social media links and also reviews.

The Final Say

You are just missing out in terms of SEO if you haven’t adopted Google Plus efficiently. With anticipation, the above-mentioned reasons will make you reconsider Google Plus and help you implement your social media optimization plans for SEO. In a nutshell, small businesses should harness the power of Google+ due to its far-fetched search engine optimization, community building, and brand awareness capabilities.

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