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6 Ecommerce Website SEO Myths You Need To Stop Relying In 2017
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6 Ecommerce Website SEO Myths You Need To Stop Relying In 2017

Ecommerce Website SEO Myths

6 Ecommerce Website SEO Myths You Need To Stop Relying In 2017

2016 is soon going to end. Still, some of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) myths are still preached as being true across a wide range of online platforms. As, these misconceptions can mean bad news for those operating an eCommerce website, allowing wrong or obsolete information influence your business lead in the following ways:

  • Feeling down in dump by trying out SEO in the first place
  • Wasting precious time by expending unproductive techniques into practice
  • Assuming that SEO is a simple game to play

Actually, well-organized SEO requires commitment. And that commitment also includes staying up-to-date with all the changes made to search engine algorithms.

We can help every online merchant be better clued-up and make right choices in 2017. As such, we have decided to demystify six entrenched SEO myths you should let go of right now. Let’s start on.

SEO Is Not a Business of the Future

You might have been disheartened by discussions such as “SEO is deceased” or “SEO is just a con.”

It’s true that a portion of it is dead namely, black hat SEO which is counted as deemed unethical that includes:

  • Over stuffing the page with keywords
  • Getting the page rank up, then altering its contents
  • Using imperceptible text

Users of black hat tactics have their websites barred from search engines when they are trapped. It’s mainly so that the quality of search results is enhanced

Finally, black hat approaches are just for rapid profit – optimized for Google search bots, not for humans. The fair businesses use white hat SEO techniques instead as they will increase your pertinency in search pages, and absolutely the traffic to your eCommerce website.

Ethical practices are:

  • Backlinking – bringing links back to your own website
  • Link building – sharing quality links for knitting websites to add the number of backlinks to both parties’ pages
  • Posting SEO-optimized content, that is useful for human readers

Now that we have revealed a little about black hat and white hat practices, it’s time to come back to the initial idea.

SEO will always play a role in any business to increase its online exposure. How? Search engine providers such as Yahoo or Google frequently tweak their algorithms. This indicates that you will need to stay one level up of the competition and stay up-to-date with these alterations. However, you can only do this if you have a team of skilled SEO experts offering unswerving guidance. We have also spoken about the practices of white hat SEO so that you can bear them in mind for the next segment.

More Links means better SEO for Your eCommerce site

Link building, as we already spoke about, only works if you create quality links. Having numerous unrelated or low-quality links on your site doesn’t aid the search bots. Actually, your site will be ranked lower on search engines.

When we talk about SEO link building, it is your eCommerce website’s way of acquiring references.

Apply this opinion to yourself: You want to get a job, and you want references. You list a few high school friends, a salesman, your plumber, and only one from someone in the field.

Do you think you would get hired? Or will someone with more than two or three relevant references take the show the way? Now, being #1 on search engine result pages (SERPs) is good and all. But what you actually want is to make a profit, right?

Better Ranking = Better Return on Investment (ROI)

If the headline wasn’t a falsehood, people using black hat SEO would always have the highest ROI.

Taking benefit of SEO means knowing when further ranking becomes inappropriate. Let’s say your eCommerce website is #4 on a SERP for a specific keyword.

Your market research might disclose that the ROI of the #1 page is the same as yours, but it cost a lot of money and efforts to reach there. From that, we wrap up that good SEO needs significant research on what your competitors are doing such as advertising, SEO practices, and more.

PPC isn’t very constructive for SEO

PPC will not do anything for the organic traffic you require to generate applicable leads. On the other hand, you were never utilizing PPC for organic traffic in the first place.

What it does is to offer you with is the following:

  • A rapid increase in audience
  • A tactic to gather people in for some valuable A/B testing
  • An opportunity for link building

We can create the perfect circumstances for the above to happen. We provide PPC services to boost up your conversion rates and grab your competitors’ audiences. So, now whenever you hear anybody saying that PPC is a waste of money, tell them the above!

You should optimize for SEO only once you finish designing your page

It's incorrect. You should make your website by keeping SEO in mind. There’s a rationale behind it.

For example, you have completed building a functional site that will capture the attention of your targeted audience. However, you haven’t done anything for SEO, so now it’s back from the scratch.

You need to go back and adjust the code to match into your SEO strategy. You are basically doing the same job the second time when you could have done it right at the first place.

It’s for your good that you bear this in mind. Your time is appropriately spent managing your business instead of re-designing websites.

SEO is not a continuous process

There are no timesaving ways in the SEO business, but, without a doubt, it pays off in the end. If you have been taking heed so far, you know you have a lot of views to deal with on your checklist. You also have to regularly optimize according to new search engine guidelines. Besides, you are contending with many other companies that are all doing the similar activities you should be doing, right away.

To wrap up

If you are even now agreeing on these SEO myths, you may be damaging your results. In an industry that’s always growing, it’s vital to be all set to make changes and become accustomed to new technologies at the drop of a dime. Opportunely, a lot of these mistakes can be corrected with just a little time and effort, however, if you don’t know how then hire an SEO specialist to help you with the same.

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