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5 Useful Tips For Hiring A Proficient Web Developer - SGF Services
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5 Useful Tips For Hiring A Proficient Web Developer

Top Web Developer Tips

5 Useful Tips For Hiring A Proficient Web Developer

A web developer is one of the most critical to hire in Web Development Company. After all, that's an individual who will create the online facade of your brand and help you to communicate virtually with your customers.

Therefore, it's particularly vital that you hire the right skill at the first time. Or else, you may risk your business, as well as killing time and wasting money looking for a replacement.

Check out these five tips that can facilitate in the web developer's selection process:

  1. Firstly hire for DNA, then the work experience

While you hire web developers, their individual DNA is the crucial consideration. Of course, an experience is essential, the bigger analyst of success is an individual's inborn DNA and how it suits your project requirement. Look for the drive, determination, commitment, and curiosity, in the resource you hire. The developer you want to hire should not be lethargic and relaxed about time management or deadlines. For an instance, an expert web developer who has worked with a big financial institute may not excel in a startup. What can be the reason? A startup usually needs qualities such as flexibility, multi-talented, venturesome and a go-getter, but these might not be important at a huge enterprise.

So, prepare a list of your company's innate requirements. Yes, it's easy for some candidates to pretend in an interview, so you might need to drill them in many other ways to ensure that they are an excellent fit.

  1. Look for new developers with a small project first

Though you may think you have found your perfect candidate, just to be sure you must give him/her a small, non-critical project. That can allow you understand the person better and offer additional information more from the job interview.

You can see how competent the candidate is on delivering products and how infested the final product is. Was the expectation met? Was the product creatively delivered? How comfortable did he or she work in a team and collaborated?

  1. Choose a developer with ability, not just with specialization

In the technological arena, skills turn out obsolete every 2-3 years. So, it's always wise to hire a web developer who can gain knowledge of new technologies without difficulty rather than someone who knows a particular technology.

The simplest method to identify whether someone will become well accustomed to change is to ask questions that will tell whether a web developer has a curiosity towards learning new and upcoming trends.

For instance:

  • What latest programming languages did they learn of late?
  • What are your places to learn new tech tips and technique?
  • What are your preferred technology forums and conferences?
  1. Avoid asking trivia questions about programming

Here are some examples of trivia questions you should not ask when interviewing web developers:

  • In which year was PHP released?
  • Who is the main creator of the Java programming language?
  • What is the source of the Python scripting language's name?

Unquestionably such details may seem useful, trivia questions are often a poor way to determine if someone is intellectual. They just distinguish people who can learn things.

As an unwritten rule, ensure that when you conduct technical interviews, never ask questions that can be with no trouble searched and found on the internet. In its place, focus on open-ended questions and take notes. See how much obsession candidates show in their answers and how well they explain the tech terms.

A few examples of open-ended questions:

  • How do you handle conflicts in a web application when different people are working on the same data?
  • What are the design patterns you have used, and in what scenarios?
  • Can you name any differences between object-oriented design and component-based design?
  1. Hire and fire after proper deliberation

Take sufficient time when hiring, because if the resource isn't working out well, you will, of course, fire, but by that time you would have invested a lot of money and time. An unproductive web developer can be troublesome to the whole team and potentially the whole project. The fire-fast rule might be complicated to follow in small firms where there's often a feeling of everyone being a second family and forming close bonding. However, professionalism must not stop you from hiring the apt web developer to form a right team.

These are some of the useful tips to keep in mind while hiring a suitable web developer for your web development projects. If you know some other ways do share with us.

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