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5 Silly DIY Web Design Mistakes Website Owners Make - SGF Services
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5 Silly DIY Web Design Mistakes Website Owners Make

Web Design Mistakes

5 Silly DIY Web Design Mistakes Website Owners Make

It's no hush-hush that hiring a web design team can be costly, so if you are still in the primary stages of your business, it's really persuasive to want to give the best shot designing your own website.

A lot of website owners do it all the time and find success, so, of course, you too can.

Regrettably, the mistakes you can make while taking the Do It Yourself approach to your site can relentlessly impact its performance.

Frequently Made DIY Blunders When Designing A Website Are

  1. Imperfect site structure and navigation

An amateur designer will over and over again choose templates and themes simply on the basis of how they seem. Unluckily, some of the finest of these are also the most perplexing when it comes to navigation, and this is worse for both your UX (user experience) and SEO. So, when you are creating a site yourself, navigation must actually be considered as one of the difficult aspects to pan out.

  1. Poor-loading website

As per KISSmetrics, 40% of people will discard a web page if it fails to load within 3 seconds. Graphics and design are generally the reason for a slow website. If your designer doesn't have experience in compressing images, using caching, or limiting server calls, the speed of your website will without a doubt suffer. A professional web designer knows how to take care of all aspects of website designing and development to make sure that the page speed and loading times doesn’t irk the visitors.

  1. Not thinking about the value of the user and business wants

The look and feel of the website you possess may be brilliant, but does it achieve your business objectives? Too often designers be unsuccessful in ensuring there are clearly visible calls to action on a website that make it uncomplicated for visitors to understand precisely what you want them to do. Do you wish them to make a call, fill up a form, or purchase some stuff? Each of those results requires special design principles. Not incorporating them can bring about few to zero sales. Recognize your target audience, and ensure that you are proffering them what they are searching for.

  1. Not considering about both users and Google

It’s a bitter truth that companies generally focus more on Google and not much on their audience or vice versa. It is obligatory for a web designer to set up a site that is optimized for both Google and end users. It's much simpler to be anxious about optimization as you are making the design (images and navigation being the prominent part of this) more willingly than later; if you miss an opportunity, you will probably fail to benefit from traffic at some point.

  1. Ignoring about mobile

If you do get yourself out of the struggles of designing your own website, and it looks fine, everything is going on effortlessly, everything is simplified, your users are pleased, etc., you then have to shift to mobile, which is entirely a new realm. Having a web design for mobile provides completely a new set of design and SEO challenges. You might have a diverse audience; you have to be concerned about screen size, clickable fonts, images, and link size for mobile, and more. Google also just released a new mobile algorithm, which makes mobile an even more significant part of the confusion for small businesses.

The Final Say

As the last part, a DIY web design approach can work; but you must be alert to some of the dumb mistakes and really consider where you see your company in the coming years. In the majority of cases, spending the money now to have a magnificent site that is all set for growth and brings in your readers is going to be actually worth it in the long run, as opposed to making your site yourself and having to make alterations later.

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