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5 Mobile SEO Tips For 2017 Only Experts Follow
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5 Mobile SEO Tips For 2017 Only Experts Follow

5 Mobile SEO Tips For 2017 Only Experts Follow

5 Mobile SEO Tips For 2017 Only Experts Follow

Nowadays, all of the searches are being performed majorly on mobile phones. With the progress in the technologies and the capability to have access to information via any mobile device, the necessity for Mobile SEO is increasing more than ever before.

What does Google expect in 2017?

Its more than 2 months, and a lot of the SEOs are anticipating and referring to the top SEO practices for the year 2017. It is very apparent that mobile has changed the course of the world from more than 2 years now. Since these years maximum searches are done on mobiles compared to computers. Moreover, if your site is not mobile-friendly then there are high chances of experiencing huge customer churn resulting into high bounce rate and poor website performance. Other than that, if your website pages take a lot of time to load even then there can be a maximum number of people leaving your site and never returning.

5 Most important tips for the Mobile SEO for this year

1. Mobile-friendly approach

The most significant parameter is to have mobile-friendly approach by offering mobile-friendly content. And, this can only be done with the responsive design, responsive content, as well as separate URLs. To have a responsive web design is very important as per Google’s recommendation for the responsive designs. One must without fail to adopt this approach for the best results in the Mobile SEO. To develop a responsive is not a Herculean task, as now there are a lot of reliable responsive web development companies offering top-notch results in the market. Remember, not having a responsive approach can stagnate your business through a website by putting you on the black list of Google. So, why demolish your online reputation, choose responsive design as it’s a feasible step to creating mobile-friendly websites.

2.  Page speed:

Having a good page loading speed is crucial particularly when we are talking about the mobile devices. A good internet connection can help you load the page faster, but there are a lot of possible ways with which you can enhance your website’s speed. Thus, to improve the page speed you can make use of the following links and take necessary steps before it's too late to mend.

3. Mobile-first index:

Google gathers information on each web page in a huge catalog, called as an index, which it then utilized to plan and display search results for different queries. The search feature on the websites for the desktop-first approach as well as for mobile-first index is a decisive factor as it can either make or break your website performance. This viewpoint is already implemented and we have already experienced more searches on mobile in comparison with computers. Yet, the ranking is nevertheless based on the desktop version. Therefore, the content and the links to the site as well as speed, user experience, etc are the imperative factors which propel your search engine visibility when the above approach is taken. As a result, the desktop becomes the second option and mobile becomes the first.

Mobiles so far have revealed its importance, but in the year 2017, the ranking, as well as conversion rates, will be of more value as it will foster you to beat the competition. So, the simple approach is to conquer this problem and moving forward will support you in improving your website position.

4. User experience:

The basic requirements of the optimized sites are user-friendly responsive design and good speed. However, just having these is not sufficient and the designer must think from user’s perspective and design the way that helps them better. The search bar, navigation, usability, contact form, and more will improve commerce and conversions of your site by making users happy. It is undeniable fact that the users are expected to receive what they are looking for with least minimum efforts and if they find it faster then consider that your site's user experience is good enough.

5. Optimization:

For excellent Mobile SEO, keyword research and having rich content for the mobile users is the most significant factor. A lot of times, companies ignore these vital facts of designing the page and publishing the content and end up creating trouble. It’s necessary to think about the searches of your audiences from every aspect and from any type of device. The search queries of the mobile devices are more stereotyped and are related to voice search. Most of all, search console provides a usability report in detail with page-by-page difficulty. Search console includes view-port not configured, fixed-width view port, content not sized to the view port, small font size, the flash usage, interstitial usage, and touch elements too close. These are just a few technical points which Google examine. For better optimization of the website, it is advised to eliminate these and leave a positive impact on the users.

The Final Say:

Now that you are aware of the above-mentioned tips, you must put them into practice and get the obvious output. Look for mobile responsive website experts who can provide the best user experience by optimizing your mobile site. Without a shadow of a doubt these tips and tricks will help you to perform Mobile SEO transcendently and take your business to the next level.

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