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5 Easy Ways To Make Video Content & PPC Ads That Works
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5 Easy Ways To Make Video Content & PPC Ads That Works


5 Easy Ways To Make Video Content & PPC Ads That Works

Video on the internet has greatly evolved from a time when it use to take 15 minutes to buffer and  download a 15 second clip that was all about patience. Now, consumers watch more videos online than ever before and this has created many opportunities for business owners as well as marketers to demonstrate their products/services.

According to comScore's report of 2015, 87% of online Americans watch video online.

The augmentation of internet video has enabled businesses to narrate their story to consumers in new ways and made video advertising quite accessible to small business. However, if business entrepreneurs want their video ads for YouTube, Facebook, or PPC ads to be successful, they need to be made properly.

Here are 5 tips marketers can make use of while creating video content for marketing and advertising.

  1. Personalize Video Content for a Specific Set of Audience

Just as other forms of advertising, there is no magic pill for video content that will get one and all to click. In addition, internet marketing helps in majorly defined targeting than what was available for conventional TV video ads. This means marketers can concentrate their content more without the risk of losing the more common audience. People don't just watch all the video that shows up on their screen. They are much more probable to have interest if the content is pertinent to their interests. Marketers should think about making somewhat different versions of their video content for diverse demographics and use these tailored videos in their targeted ads and promoted content. For instance, a software retailer should make several videos for buyers with different levels of technical proficiency. One of the video should focus on how user-friendly the software is, while another should focus on the highly technical bugs that only experts would care about. Hence, tailoring video content to a great extent increases the probability it will have the desired impact on the audience.

  1. Have Engrossing Opening In First Few Seconds

The internet is a fast-moving place and video content has to work quickly to capture the attention of customers. Whether it's a video ad on the website's sidebar, a promoted video on Facebook, or the lead inside video on YouTube, marketers have less than 5 seconds to grab the attention of the viewer. In such scenario having videos with slow starts can be the biggest drawback. On the other hand TV ads marketers build mystery for half of the ad before coming to the point; such an ad on the internet will get unnoticed or skipped before the ad has a chance to hook and eye the viewer. It's vital to make the point understandable very promptly. The Facebook advices to video advertisers' that they should consider showing brand or product descriptions in the initial few seconds” to impel customers to take action.

  1. Think About Screen Size When Creating

There are various ways for people to access video content online, and size matters significantly when it comes to the view ability of content. Certain videos won't work as well when watched on mobile screens, for instance, a video that is murky with heavy shadowing will be difficult to view on a smaller screen. In the same way, having fine print on a video ad for regular sized screens seem sensible, but the text will just be an unclear line of letters on a mobile device. Since smartphone owners who are about 90% of the U.S. adult population spend almost three days a week watching online videos, so screen size can't be overlooked.

  1. Use a Compelling Opening Image

Like advised talking to the point in the first few seconds, it is also important that the stationary image that is displayed before the video content should be very appealing to capture viewers attention. In some ad networks, users have to click the video to begin the play through and a strong opening image is like a CTA (call to action). YouTube suggests marketers' to entice customers to click “play” using rich colors and to add some words to portray your product, service, and business. Making use of an influential opening image also makes it effective, even when not viewed. In one of the study released by Nielsen it is found that video ads increases brand awareness even when the ads were never played. This means that the opening image was effectual enough to enhance brand recall. Brands saw boosts in ad recall, purchase intent, and brand awareness just as a result of seeing the opening image.

  1. Create Videos that are Attractive With or Without Sound

This is a piece of opinion that started with Facebook but should be followed for all video ads. If observed videos on Facebook start to autoplay with the sound off, so the visuals have to be impactful enough to get the viewer to click the video for the audio. Also YouTube does something same with its homepage banner ad, but the cost of that specific ad space makes it less of a concern for the majority of the business entrepreneurs. However, when ads play with audio before the key content, a lot of viewers will mute the ad until their content loads properly. Making use of a video that's visually interesting when the sound is off will make it probable to capture attention when people are trying to overlook the audio. Similarly, using visuals to strengthen the audio makes the ad more successful when viewed appropriately. Facebook suggests that when enabled, your video's sound should provide extra value to viewers and further bring your story to life”.

The Final Say

Therefore, as video content is becoming more and more widespread on the internet, marketers can use their own content to create an impression on customers through ads or branded content. If you lack the skills to make effective video content or PPC ads you can always hire experts who can help you in making more effective video campaigns in the future.

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