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5 Dominant SEO Factors to Focus On In 2016 & Beyond
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5 Dominant SEO Factors to Focus On In 2016 & Beyond


5 Dominant SEO Factors to Focus On In 2016 & Beyond

Let's face it Google is the cause for both our delight and despair. If you can match the pace with the SEO changes that get rolled out and follow them, then life is cheerful. But, trouble arises when you are not up to date with the regular updates that Google releases. In recent times, two biggest and most trusted SEO conferences were held in the USA – Pubcon and SMX East. The high points of both these conferences were the freshly emerging trends and the updates that Google has in store for us for 2016.

Let us talk about the five most essential SEO factors we need to focus on in the year 2016.

The Future is Mobile

It's a hard drumming truth that mobile searches will go beyond desktop in 2016. What does this signify for your business? Besides a website that is mobile friendly and responsive to all devices, you must also have a mobile mindset and make product-oriented decisions.

  • Develop your business website, including the service pages, product pages, mobile friendly and more.
  • Make sure to create a site with better visual experience and emphasize on the key elements of the web page.
  • Create simpler, more fixated product pages with prominence on products caught on with mobile users
  • Come up with mobile-only deals and promotions to draw the mobile users

The aim is straightforward. To cater mobile users the same user experience which they receive when they visit appropriate desktop websites.

Keywords are even now the fulcrum of SEO

Keywords as well as keyword targeting are the most elementary and extensively used concepts in SEO. There were times when SEO has only to do with the right words in your Meta keywords tag. Nowadays search engines use much more complex algorithms to decide the webpage’s quality and pertinency. But, does this indicate that keywords are no longer alive? Obviously not.

Professionals agree that keywords and keyword research should still be the groundwork of your SEO and content marketing campaigns. The focal point has moved from researching separate keywords to researching a group of associated terms and synonyms. The rationale behind keyword research is now in finding out not the individual keywords, but the group of thematically related terms your pages would be targeting.

The use of voice search elevates

With text based search, you type something like “Dominos” and click on the address to search for the nearest one, similarly in the voice-based search; you will say “Where is the nearest Dominos?” Basically, the voice-based search is primarily marked by the use of question words such as, What, Who, Why, How and Where. To make the most of the voice- based search, you must improve your efforts on local SEO by offering comprehensive details about services, products, pricing, reviews, location and local citations etc. These are vital factors to get your site high position in local SEO. Moreover, voice searches have more words, which is why long tail keywords are even more imperative now in your SEO strategy. Make sure you make use of keywords that have six or seven words containing question phrases.

Informative answers are in the trend

One of the enormous changes in the Google algorithm is the increase in rich in information answers. As per a study by Stone Temple Consulting, Google provides rich answers to 35% of search queries these days. That is a 38% boost in the last six months and estimated to grow further. Google utilizes external data for 75% of the rich answers and consists of a link to its source as well. This notifies that if you have unique and qualitative content that can answer some of the distinctive questions, and then your page will be in the top position.

Interdependence of Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing is at the very focus of attaining high rankings in search. It is way more imperative now to incorporate your SEO strategy with content marketing. The strategy of writing short content with a very high keyword density is no longer the name of the game. The fundamental to high rankings in 2016 is to publish lengthy comprehensive content that meets the purpose of users. Most of all, it must deliver significance. Carry out exhaustive long tail keywords research to find out the highly searched words and phrases. Based on that develop an applicable content strategy close to these keywords, which could entail Facts, FAQs, How-to write-ups etc. A few of the best SEO services and content marketing companies like HubSpot have already executed this plan with great success.

In Conclusion

These are the five most influential SEO factors to focus on throughout 2016 and beyond. If SEO services companies pursue these then the outcome will be a high number of leads to your website finally leading to a high number of sales.

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