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5 Most Crucial Mobile App Marketing Clichés to Avoid In 2017
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5 Most Crucial Mobile App Marketing Clichés to Avoid In 2017

Mobile App Marketing

5 Most Crucial Mobile App Marketing Clichés to Avoid In 2017

The mobile app industry has turned out to be money making and greatly augmenting over the past few years, and there is no sign of it to be out of action. With myriads of apps at present available for download, it’s vital for mobile developers to look for ways to outshine from the horde. On the other hand, not all mobile app analytics are made equivalent. In their fear to attain app store success, developers might adhere to clichés that actually don’t do a great deal to improve ranking.

Basically, marketing consumes a lot of diverse forms. Whether it’s building complex software to carefully entice customers to your website, or yapping at them on the street to look into your latest product, there’s no end approaching the marketing evolutions of the business domain. And when we talk about keeping people fascinated in your mobile app, there is a plethora of strategies to smooth the progress of attention. However, marketing is all about creating a special impact. And using clichés aren’t going to support in having that outcome.

If you, in reality, want to make a difference with your startup, you should be interesting as well as creative. That’s why you should avoid these five app marketing strategies that might have worked in the past, but are no more effective these days:

Following The Trend

You must know the fact that black hat ASO (App Store Optimisation) and keyword stuffing are just some trendy app marketing strategies that are poked full of holes but marketers utilize anyway because of its efficiency. However, while these strategies can give a temporary boost, it may not be a wise methodology in the long run as keyword stuffing.

Fixate on Installs

Eventually, when you launch an app, you want customers to install it. And while installs are considered an excellent way to gauge the success of your app, retention is good for everyone. Concentrating on what happens after installation is more crucial now than just focusing on installs.

Lengthy App Titles

A few years ago, app publishers could find success with duplicates and badly made apps by using App Store Optimisation, particularly SEO for the app store. In recent times, Apple has released a 50-character rule, which says app titles should not exceed 50 characters in the app store. To boot, Apple also shot an email to developers saying that it will begin weeding out “tricky and abandoned apps”.

Out-of-Home Advertising

Out-of-home or OOH advertising is a kind of marketing that you generally see on billboards, buses, benches, and cabs. Even though this scrupulous type of marketing is apt for restaurants, real estate, and local services, it is not apt while you are marketing an app.

Having An App Is Sufficient

With zillions of apps coming out each day from imaginative and innovative developers, gone are the days when having an app is enough as a marketing strategy. Nevertheless, you need more than an app to make your marketing efforts worth your precious time.

Even if having an app can be remarkable, it does not mean it’s enough to get you to the rank top on the app stores. It is important that your app should be amazing that users will really find appealing, entertaining or lucrative to their lives to bring you to the zenith.

The Final Say

By keeping all these issues in mind that are talked above, you can ensure that your app doesn’t drop down instantaneously after you release it. They don’t guarantee you huge success, but you will set a solid base, and with apps, it’s not rare that this small, strong start takes a huge leap and grows into an incredible success.

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