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4 Magical Tips For Mobile Marketing Success In 2017
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4 Magical Tips For Mobile Marketing Success In 2017

4 Magical Tips For Mobile Marketing

4 Magical Tips For Mobile Marketing Success In 2017

Nowadays online shoppers rely more and more on mobile to manage their various tasks and interests: Additionally to their laptops, users are adopting tablets, smartphones, and even smartwatches to get up-to-date information.

And, with mobile overshadowing desktops at a faster pace than ever, mobile marketing is no longer just an alternative option as previously it used to be. Now, marketers looking to develop the very important consumer relationship have to get embarked with the digital age.

If your marketing strategy schedule has to win in 2017, these four mobile marketing tips should not be overlooked.

Do involve in mobile-only social

With the ever-increasing popularity of mobile-only social apps set to ascend this year, marketers have to make a start. Having a social presence on apps like Periscope, SnapChat and Instagram isn’t just useful for your marketing strategy anymore — it’s inevitable. As apps keep on coming and going, brands have to ensure that they maintain their audiences' support. Being sure to keep away from relying on any one platform alone will support you make a world of difference.

The message here is that espousing a powerful cross-platform social marketing strategy should be the main concern for all the brands. Marketers should begin by establishing their brand's message across all channels: A profound understanding of the differing app features and the set of audiences that use them will be an added advantage.

This signifies that brands can’t post the similar content on every platform because what’s right for one won’t be the same for another. Think of a billboard, for example – the ads that work successfully on the highway side won’t be as effective as a commercial on television. After all, digital platforms, in the meantime, also have their own pros and cons.

Whatever is their medium, marketers must engage consumers by adjusting to alternate platforms, but at the same time consistently reflecting their brands' message to appeal is also important. That's the strategy that will impel customers in a shop or online shopping store to make a purchase and then leave.

Do make mobile payments available

If there’s one thing each and every business must take away from the eCommerce explosion is the idea that people like better convenient transactions. As a result, big brands are rushing to the plate and changing their methods to what consumers want as the shopping experience, including the provision for mobile payments.

For businesses wanting to stay germane this year, making transformations is vital, so set up your services in a way that they accept mobile devices and smartwatches too. Not every customer trust in mobile purchases, so you must make a way to sign them up with a secure payment processor.

Even, research to find out secure payment platforms that enable your business to integrate mobile payments keeping patrons’ experiences simple and secure at the same time.

Do ensure having a mobile-friendly site

The previous years, marketers understood that few consumers want to touch and zoom their way to a purchase. New SEO alterations also released, prompting a rush by the majority of companies to implement those changes in order to make their sites more mobile-responsive.

Now that it's 2017, marketers who ignored to get on the ship are already experiencing the effects; for which they have to revamp non-responsive sites, yet the coming months won't be sparing. Marketers who have taken the essential provisions, however, can move ahead to optimize their users’ mobile experiences.

Providing a mobile-friendly experience that simplifies a customer’s checkout process will make a huge difference. Begin by cutting the length of your bandwidth as much as possible. Mobile users are quite patient compared to those using a desktop. A slow loading page can shoot out conversion rates faster compared to the words “another option.”

Do roll out deals and coupons

Today’s online shoppers are taking instructions from moms who cut coupon moms. One of the latest surveys discovered that 96% of participating consumers said they utilized coupons. Furthermore, the redemption rate of mobile coupons is almost 10 times higher than coupons clipped from magazines.

Encourage your mobile audience and boost revenue by adding coupon codes to the blend. Make customers receptive to your latest deals by sending text and email push-notifications. Promotions that are sent when a customer is near to a store, or have recently visited a site have a better chance of being redeemed.

Make use of social media logins to decrease the annoyance of having to make an account. Customers who have the time to juggle around with purchases have more chances to re-shelve products. Your aim for a mobile-friendly site is that it brings consumers out from home as fast as possible, expectantly with a bag in tow.

The final say

Now that you know all the crucial tips that you must include in your strategy for strong and winning mobile marketing for the year 2017, you must also know that skipping any of these might result in no-win. Hence, if you have no time or expertise to implement them appropriately, hire an SEO company specialized in mobile marketing too.

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