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4 Easy Ways To Use Pinterest To Attract New Customers
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4 Easy Ways To Use Pinterest To Attract New Customers

4 Easy Ways To Use Pinterest To Attract New Customers

4 Easy Ways To Use Pinterest To Attract New Customers

In the ocean of social media platforms, there are a number of reasons why you should pay attention to Pinterest—this networking site enables users to create an online image gallery, then share those collages known as “pinboards” with other Pinterest users—and perhaps move it up on your priority list of marketing.

You might have got to hear that Pinterest is only effective for marketing tangible products such as clothes or jewelry and this social media tool can only be utilized to market to women. These are some serious misconceptions and rumors totally incorrect: Pinterest is significant for marketing any product or service, regardless of who your target audience is.

Let's Take A Look At These Stats:

  • 72% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline.
  • Pinterest is driving more traffic to websites and blogs compared to YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Google+ combined, according to content-sharing site Shareaholic.
  • Average time spent on Pinterest per visit is 14.2 minutes.
    More than 14 million articles are pinned each day.

In a book by Mitch Myerson – Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars – 22 strategists have redefined the developing vista of online marketing. You will learn how to master proven strategies, avoid pricey mistakes and augment your business. In this edited extract, contributing author and social media expert “Beth Hayden” has offered reasons and tips for why and how to use Pinterest in promoting your business.

Pinterest Should Be Used “If”:

  • You have got an interesting story to narrate with images and videos which a lot of companies do. Even a leading company like General Electric has an interesting Pinterest profile and has created wonderful pinboards like “Brilliance in Motion” that says their visual story in much more superior manner. Think about the visual story you can tell about your business which will help your customers to know you and connect with your brand.
  • You wish to launch yourself as a connoisseur of your topic, then Pinterest is an extraordinary platform for content curation, and modern companies are using it for publicity purpose. If you on a regular basis share content through Facebook updates or Twitter tweets, then you can make it bigger by sharing to your Pinterest platform using pins and boards as a social bookmarking means.
  • When you desire to interface with your clients and work jointly with them using visuals. If you are a service provider and you frequently have opportunities to hook up and brainstorm with your clients, Pinterest will be a remarkable tool for you.

It only takes a couple of minutes to create your Pinterest business account. And, once you sign up the account, you can make online collages (“boards”) for diverse topics you are interested in, then include images and videos to your boards by “pinning” them. The interface is fast, smooth and pleasurable.

According to the recent figures, a lot of the content on Pinterest almost up to 85% is “repinned” from other users—so you can be prominent from your competitors by frequently introducing fresh new stuff from outside blogs and websites. Remember to keep your target audience in mind whenever you are pinning as you should on a regular basis pin content that your prospects and customers find valuable and entertaining.

Check Out Four Suggestions To Build Genuine, Lasting Relationships With Your Prospects On Pinterest:

1. Become An Information Curator Of Your Domain

Your work on Pinterest is to accumulate and exhibit remarkable content in your domain—and that makes you a manager. In the real world, specialized curators gather, categorize, and display items for galleries and repository. And, so you as an online curator have to do the same thing for your near audience.

Being a Pinterest curator indicates that you should select excellent images, after that organize them in a meaningful way so that it benefits your target audience. In other words, you selectively choose all the best images relevant to your topic and pin them on to your boards.

If you perform this activity brilliantly, then you will be able to build your authority, and people will sooner or later look to you as the great source for amazing images and content on your subject. When that happens, you can expect that they will return to you over and over, giving you lots of opportunities to tell them about your website or blog. This supports you to become a reliable expert that they would be happy to purchase from, too.

2. Engage With Other Pinterest Users

You can tag other users of Pinterest in any pin by using “@username” in your descriptions. Also, use the feature to engage with customers, industry vendors or strategic partners. There aren’t loads of comments on Pinterest, so if you engage in this manner, it can be helpful in building you following and showing up from the crowd. One more suggestion is to frequently “like” other people’s pins when you wish to recognize great content. This is a simple mode to interact with other users in an easy to talk to and a special way.

3. Create Boards for Conferences You Be Present At

The pinning activity can be utilized to improve connections before, during and after conferences and live events. Prior to an event, you can write and pin blogs about what sessions you will be attending and the people you are willing to connect with but make certain that you link to their pinboards or blogs, too.

All through the conference, you can share videos and photos of sessions, attendees, and the presenters. And post event, create some post-conference pins to share your follow-up actions and discuss what you are looking forward to accomplishing with the knowledge you have gained and the people you have connected with.

4. Display User-Generated Content

You can begin earning goodwill from your community by displaying user-generated content on your pinboards. Create a “Guest Pinner” program on your Pinterest account, and let your best customers' to pin on some of the boards.

Give your guest pinners some common content guidelines by ensuring that they are clear about your real audience and the type of things your followers would prefer, then include them as collaborators on the board and give them the freedom to pin images as well as videos. You will be surprised what great content your guest pinners make, and they will also be happy to get more recognition for their own Pinterest accounts!

The Final Say

By making use of some or all of these tips can foster you attract more customers and increase engagement. More customers will result in an augmented reach, wider visibility for your brand and a higher return on investment (ROI).

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