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4 Easy Ways to Create Mobile-Friendly Lead Generation Forms
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4 Easy Ways to Create Mobile-Friendly Lead Generation Forms

4 Easy Ways to Create Mobile

4 Easy Ways to Create Mobile-Friendly Lead Generation Forms

Customer engagement is without a doubt the most significant goal of online presence. The challenge is that when dealing with mobile traffic, you are hemmed into small screens and mobile device functionality. Creativity becomes crucial to get around the problem. You only have one opportunity to make a good impression; however, you have to get your message conveyed.

Eye-Opening Stats & Facts

  • Mobile traffic is swiftly on the increase. A1QA claims that in 2014 the number of mobile-connected devices surpassed the world's overall population and estimates there will be 11.5 billion mobile devices by 2019.
  • Marketing Land reports that mobile now represents 65% of all digital media time. Moreover, by 2019, mobile advertising is estimated to represent 72% of all U.S. digital ad spending.
  • According to Email Monday, mobile email opens have increased by 180% in the last three years.

These figures indicate that it's no longer a case of asking whether mobile optimization is imperative. It's evident that it is. The question is how to optimize for mobile devices to turn your mobile site visitors into buyers or subscribers.

1. Follow KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) Principle

The first piece of advice is the most fundamental and something that we should bear in mind in all steps of the mobile-friendly design process – keep things simple. Lead generation forms are already having the risk of being full and over stimulating. They can divert the focus from the general user interface of the website or work against the innate nature of gesture movements as well as brand preferences.

Once you have the first version ready, and then spend some time to run through your lead generation form appropriately. Make sure to keep a fresh point of view just like you were a user who has never seen it ever before. Now think do you find the form awkward? Does it look simple and flawless? Is the information properly mentioned and understandable? Is there any step that is unnecessary or you shouldn’t have explained?

Just simplify your forms rooted in these questions, until you have narrowed it down to the least.

2. Use Alternative Calls-To-Action

In a lot of scenarios, all you need to have is a form on mobile devices, but a lot more clear call-to-action for a smartphone is “Call now.” Phones are actually made for making calls, and that's what a lot of phone users will have a tendency to do.

Utilize calls-to-action that stimulates visitors to make a call rather than asking to fill up a form. Don't fail to remember to make every phone numbers clickable on your website. By doing so you will make it simpler for mobile users to take a step and get in touch with your company.

3. Avoid Being Too Oppressive

To keep a lot of sales prompts can actually work against you. No one would want to be insistently sold to. If you add in too many superimposing purchase reminders, you have high chances of losing those sales. The user will almost certainly just leave and look for another option that doesn't attack their head space.

Remember that pop-up calls-to-action might negatively affect your mobile rankings too. Since January of this year, Google has been penalizing websites that make use of intrusive popup forms for the mobile users.

Opt-in forms that include the important content, immediately once the user enters to a page from the search results or when they are surfing through the page, are considered as intrusive. And, Google doesn't want to divert mobile users to pages that offer such a poor user experience.

Make use of event triggering to cater your lead generation forms to people who keep on browsing your website or probes for more information. Don't cater insistent calls-to-action straight away after a user lands on your web page.

4. Leverage Some Useful Tools

Check out some of the tools for excellently performing mobile lead generation forms.

  • Make use of Google's Mobile-Friendly Test to take a quick test of how your web page appears on the mobile device. You will even though require a quality analyst to test your website thoroughly, yet this tool gives a good jump start.
  • Create a business monitoring dashboard by utilizing tools like Cyfe to keep a track of mobile traffic as well as conversions. Cyfe allows you to import all kinds of Google Analytics stats which also includes conversion reports, as well as imports lead generation reports, from Unbounce. You can then analyze all the reports from one single dashboard.
  • You can set up mobile-only lead generation forms with the help of tools like Sumo or Hellobar.

The Final Say

A lead gen forms offer a trouble-free way to stretch out to customers. Within a fraction of minutes, one can contrive a campaign and start generating hot leads. However, if you don’t keep these simple things in mind while designing your mobile-friendly lead generation form you can miss out on customers. If you lack the skills to create such forms you can always hire an expert who can create lead generation forms that perform well on mobile devices? It's time for some real action!

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