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4 Dumb SEO Strategies That Will Penalize Your Site
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4 Dumb SEO Strategies That Will Penalize Your Site

4 Dumb SEO Strategies

4 Dumb SEO Strategies That Will Penalize Your Site

Is your SEO provider well-experienced or amateur? Are they not aware of all the Google algorithms and guidelines and might get you penalized? Nowadays, it is damn simple to put up a website and advertise SEO services without in fact knowing what they are doing. You will also come across marketers out there who will overlook Google's best practices and keep using the traditional and ineffective method to make your website rank on search engines.

One thing is certain, that if you have never been penalized by Google, then you stand out of the crowd and you are like no other. Your drive up the wall, you are worried sick and you are up to neck from looking fixedly at your computer screen pondering what happened. Obviously, it’s not a great feeling and one that no one ever would want to experience. Even worse, when prospective clients or partners look you up on Google and find out that you are hot with Google penalty, then it's time to wave your reputation goodbye. Hence plan your SEO strategy properly with the help of an SEO specialist from a reputed SEO company.

Check out the four things to watch out for in 2017 and avoid your site from getting blacklisted in Google's record.

Linking from penalized websites

You would never want to be linked from a website that is considered as the litter box by Google. These sites are lavatory for certain reason and having links from them will not be liked by Google. You must link from sites that are favored by Google, not punished by them.

Ask your SEO expert how to determine which sites to gain links from. Then ask how he examined those sites. If the company makes use of sites like Moz or Pixelgroove, you have likely partnered the best SEO Company.

Although penalty checkers can provide you a good sign of a penalty, but only webmasters would know if they have been hit by Google penalty. This is because notifications of manual actions are sent to webmasters via Google Webmaster Tools.

Still, it is recommended to get the entire list of links that have been acquired and perform your own self-determining check. Also, you should have your provider giving you the list of websites for link acquisition for fear that there are any on there you would wish to scrutinize prior to moving forward.

Link farms and wheels

A link farm is nothing extraordinary; it's just a series of websites set up by an SEO provider to create backlinks to particular sites. They are generated using free platforms like Blogger or WordPress and really have no impact other than trying to exploit search results.

A link wheel is when a marketer links to a money article (your website) from another site. Then, the articles linking to the money site are then linked from other articles which are also linked to the money site. Some SEO specialists are successful in linking wheels without incorporating link farms. This can still be an effectual method of backlinking and also happens naturally using the qualitative content.

When an SEO provider is capable of gaining a backlink for you, ask them if they possess the property where the link starts off from. If so, then it is probably a link farm. When an SEO expert says that they make use of link wheels, then ask them if they are using link farms or they practice white-hat link wheel techniques.

Linking to the homepage

First of all, there is nothing incorrect to include homepage links into your backlink strategy.

Nevertheless, it should be done in the right manner.

Some people even today believe that earning more links to the homepage of your website will foster in making your website rank higher. These kinds of people are still living in the year 2005 and haven’t moved ahead. Actually, Google doesn’t rank websites. It just ranks pages. Due to this reason you need to link to highly qualitative content within your website and not necessarily the homepage.

A confirm sign that your SEO provider is not well-informed and is doing things wrong – if they link your homepage to an exact match keyword.

For example, linking the term “healthcare provider” to the homepage of an actual healthcare provider leads to the equation below

Exact Match Anchor Text + Homepage Link = Result to Google Penalty

Homepage links are acceptable if they are done naturally. The only “usual” way homepage links can work is if it is branded (e.g., the content is talking about a particular company and links to the homepage/- of that company) or a quote that connects to the homepage of the person giving it (even this is dicey as some black-hat marketers are overusing Google links from quotes).

For the business man who just has a homepage and product landing pages on the website, it is time for them to start reevaluating your marketing plan. So, now initiate blogging and create quality content that people would find interesting to read. This is the only way to make sure that quality links connect with your site.

Buying links

This tactic of purchase links is a big no-no. This is an infringement of Google policies and is one of the biggest reasons websites get thumbs down. Links must come naturally and can be done using genuine link acquisition strategies.

So, now what is a valid link acquisition strategy ultimately? You will come across a lot of guides out there with white-hat link building processes, but essentially it involves stretch for. You should find link opportunities and then reach to those properties and put forward your link.

Some outsourcing SEO companies get your business and then go to freelance website such as upwork or payperhour and buy links at a discount to what they bill you. Now, in such scenarios you trust a third-party who you actually didn't hire in the first place.

To put it plain, buying links just means you are penetrating the area of black-hat marketers. You will probably wind up with links that breach all the issues featured. You will have a few that make use of same match anchor text to homepages, some that make use of link farms, and others that will link from websites that are already imposed penalty by Google. All of these things are something that you should stay away from before all else.

Check with your SEO service provider and ensure that they are creating links for you by practicing white-hat methods, by following link diversity techniques. Remember, any process that uses link buying must be discarded without delay.

The Final Say

These are only four methods that are very important to be aware of. A lot of SEO companies even now use these methods. In such cases why should your be spending your precious money on an “SEO specialists” who ultimately will get you de-listed in search rankings rather than pushing you to rank higher?

The SEO world is constantly transforming, making it increasingly tough to know what you should avoid and what to espouse. There are a plethora of other techniques that can get you penalized; however, these are the dumbest ones to steer clear of.

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