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10 Tips to Make Google Fall in Love with Your Website
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10 Tips to Make Google Fall in Love with Your Website


10 Tips to Make Google Fall in Love with Your Website

Are you in search of ways to improve your SEO? Do you know what can make Google fall in love with your websites and give them superior ranking in their search results?

Google may look like a big bad demon to some but they require a little bit of kind loving care every now and then just like all of us need. But how should you adorn your site to make an impression and scale those Google rankings?

With the intention of enticing customers in the present business world, you must deliver outstanding web content. There are companies equipped to optimize your content and make use of keywords to distort search results and lift up your ranking – all to magnetize the best potential visitor.

Those in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) over and over again criticize each time Google alters its algorithm. Just when the SEO vendors figure out how to swindle the system, Google makes a change. If you are deceiving, Google will never love but hate you. So, you need a sure-fire way to stimulate Google to adore your website.

Why Google Changes the Algorithm

As a user, what would you be expecting from Google? When is the last time you typed a search query and went beyond page one or even further than the first 5 results?

As per content marketing Jedi, Marcus Sheridan, “Google finds to deliver the best advisor to answer the question you have posed.”

This says that Google is continually altering its engine to remove confusing or self-serving information, and provide the answer that is most likely to deal with your inquiry straight on.

Why Google (perhaps) Hates You (Or at least your Website)

When you use the scam to attract web visitors with fake information, then as a user you begin to not trust your search engine. Approximately in 97.8% of the situations, that is Google. If you wish Google to hate you, then do the below-listed things or if you want Google to love you, avoid doing them:

  • Make use of keywords and text that are trending, but are not lawful topics on your website. Thus, the search engine might be deceived into thinking that you have valuable content and the user gets upset.
  • Copy and use the same and trendy content on your website as exists somewhere else. A few refer to this as content curation. Actual curators just have an outline with a link to the source. Your articles frequently appear in their entirety on other sites on the web without authorization.
  • Speak about an issue without precisely addressing the topic. This denotes that you will have sufficient content which may appear to be useful, only for the poor user to have to exit with dissatisfaction.

Here are some of the best things that will help Google in loving your site:

Have a First Good Impression

Get your site noticed by Google with proper robots.txt and sitemap.xml files. Submit up-to-date sitemap.xml to Google Webmaster Tools.

Know How To Get Better

Look fine as a fiddle always with a suitable title and meta tags, rich snippets, rightly placed header tags, correct internal linking in your content and enough content quantity.

Be Memorable

Let Google take a good glance of your site. Use appropriate hierarchy for your service/product categories as well as sub-categories supported with easy navigation menus and breadcrumbs.

Engage, Communicate, Connect

Make sure you have a dynamic brand presence on all these websites with habitual interaction, sharing, and communicating via comments, updates, posts, and more.

Bring Some Uniqueness

Attract Google to visit over and over again with something new added on a regular basis on your website. This can be anything like a new blog post, white papers, case study, videos,  or new photos.

Frequently Visit Interesting Places

Meet Google other than your website with your brand existence on other Google sites, niche forums, blogs, social media sites, and other essential sites of your industry.

Make The Right Relationship & Be Helpful

Identify influencers and build consistent, mutually engaging relationships. Deliver useful things, offer recurrently to your network and make sharing simple.

Keep It Real

Let your positive brand identity be evident. Your actions must go with the positive traits your customers associate with and anticipate when interacting with your business.

Be Attentive & Listen

Google is a silent speaker so paying heed carefully is very important. Keep an eye on search results enhancements, traffic changes, ranking changes from time to time and in depth.

Respond Without Delay

Improve your steps to make a superior impression and take curative action, adjust your strategy and techniques, and repeat them as and when needed.

The Final Say

So now when you know the things you must do to increase Google's inclination for your website you must not delay any more. And to make this happen, you need an experienced Search Engine Optimization Company who has some skills and proven track records in the digital marketing field. If you lack the expertise to implement these tips, it is always wise to hire an SEO agency, but after some thorough research.

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