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10 Effective Strategies to Boost Pinterest Engagement
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10 Effective Strategies to Boost Pinterest Engagement

10 Effective Strategies to Boost Pinterest Engagement

10 Effective Strategies to Boost Pinterest Engagement

Pinterest is one of those a bit devalued social media platforms. A network that actually has plenty of room for imagination and expression, also proved itself to be successful to those businesses that implement it. According to statistics, Pinterest users are more likely to purchase more and spend more compared to the users of any other social channel. As per Shopify's study, the average order value of sales that comes from Pinterest is $50 which is higher in comparison with any other huge social platform.

So, how do you boost engagement on Pinterest and fly your own kite with attractive pins for the whole world to notice?

Ways to increase engagement on Pinterest

1. Create lots of great boards

Pinterest is a fantastic platform you don’t have to make lots of original content, to begin with. You can curate other content from various resources; if you are just setting out; make sure that you have at minimum five boards with 20 pins in each. Also, you have to repin other people’s pins, for the reason that it will create added visibility for your profile as well as you can start seeing immediately what's working for you and what isn’t.

Moreover, don’t just concentrate on merchandising and pinning your own products. While you can have some boards of your products, it is not necessary that they should not be a majority of your boards on Pinterest. If you are in short of ideas, visualize related and relevant interests your customers may have. For instance, retail store not only has tons of quality boards related to Clothing and foodstuff, they also curate boards on beautiful home decorations, shoes, sports and fitness items.

2. Make use of beautiful imagery

While it is essential to have pins, let’s be honest, not each and every pin on Pinterest is attractive. Yes, a maximum number of them are spectacular but some are still quite cheap and low-resolution pictures. Make sure you are not among those who fall into this category because you are right away putting yourself at a loss. This will not just make you look artless and feeble-minded about this network’s protocol, it also reduces your chances of making the next sale, because 93% of Pinterest users employ the platform to plan purchases.

Also, Pinterest is a network about passion, enthusiasm, and mission. Create an appealing and inspiring presence that will drive your audience’s gang up on.

3. Include contributors

Pinterest allows you to add contributors to your boards. If you have a connection with a blogger or industry experts in your business vertical who has accrued thousands of followers on Pinterest, let them assist you with your boards and build an image in front of their audience.
You can even let your most keen followers join the fun. This is a big way to achieve insight into your audience’s interests and choices and develop a sense of community surrounding your brand.

4. Follow other boards

Following other popular related boards will foster you gain insight into what’s trendy, but it will also begin a trend of reciprocality. After all, you in all probability share the similar interests if you create similar boards.

Once you have developed relationships with other same bloggers or companies in your domain, you can return to the previous approach and curate some boards in cooperation. Once again, this will augment exposure for all parties concerned, which is a win-win situation.

5. Write great descriptions

Descriptions are vital because this is how Pinterest engines understand what your pins are saying. So be as expressive as possible. Do not just write “Television from Toshiba Company,” because, in all probability, people are not looking for that phrase. Try “brown sofa set” or “beautiful decorative cotton drapes” in its place. The main thing is to make sure that your pins are searchable by writing a useful description. However, don’t overload your pins with keywords; this only annoys your prospective followers.

6. Carry out specials

Very few companies found a way of boosting engagement on Pinterest by explicitly asking their followers to repin or click like on their pins. You can roll out discounts that increase with the number of repins. For instance, for every 100 likes, you will decrease the price of an item by $20. Or, you will give a product for free to the top pinner with the highest repins. Get imaginative with it; come up your own engaging challenge.

7. Evaluate what gets the best traction

Check out which pins get the most engagement and what’s so extraordinary about them. Are they constructive, inspiring, or attractive or all of the above? Is it an image or an infographic, or maybe a video? Does it contain a comprehensive description, or has a price tag? Analyze everything.

Once you find out what gets the foothold with your followers, observe other applicable popular pins. What do people in your target audience like the most and discover the most engaging? Do more of that sort.

8. Create how-tos, infographics, and lists

There is a misconception that if your field or organization is not very visual or service-based, it is difficult to create a buzz in Pinterest marketing. This is just not the truth because, other than striking pictures, Pinterest is renowned for a galore of infographics, how-tos, checklists, and tutorials. Furthermore, Pinterest has a vast Do-It-Yourself (DIY) community.

Actually, these are a few of the most repinnable content categories, because, many times, Pinterest is used for the purpose of planning; so, this is one of the fail-proof ways to boost engagement. In addition, everyone likes a simple-to-follow tutorial or a checklist that makes a particular work easier and physically possible.

9. Look out for trending pins

Find out what’s trending. If this is pertinent to you, repin it for some additional exposure. Moreover, don’t overlook to examine it to reveal what makes this pin trending. Do you have something similar that has a possibility of becoming a trending pin? Till the time you don’t have, just hunt for trending pins.

10. Look for rich pins

It’s proved that rich pins (pins that have location or price information or have recipe's ingredient lists) gain higher rates of engagement. In fact, brands that make use of Rich Pins see an 82 % boost in their repin/pin ratio.

The Final Say

Without a shadow of a doubt Pinterest is one of the most visual and inspiring networks out there, so be up to the mark with your content. It is interesting and engaging unless you ensure that your images are high-quality, descriptions are detailed, and anything else you can add to spice up your Pin – then just do it.

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