10 Big Obstacles Every Social Marketer Experience in 2016
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10 Big Obstacles Every Social Marketer Experience in 2016

Social Marketer Experience

10 Big Obstacles Every Social Marketer Experience in 2016

The usage of social media is continuously rising. Today's businesses have finally understood the importance and the value of social media marketing. While it’s a frequently changing platform, there is no doubt that it’s here to live.

Did you know that currently, 70% of the US population has minimum one social networking profile and 52% use two or more social media networks? 

However, some of the businesses are striving to adapt because of the continually shifting landscape, the need for social media engagement, and the significance of technology.

Due to which, sometimes it’s good for businesses to hire an SEO agency to manage your social media marketing strategy. This is particularly true for small as well as medium businesses, where the owners and management team wear many different hats. If they add social media marketing to their plate's they surely will not be able to pay due attention that it needs.

There are many challenges when it comes to making and maintaining a social media marketing strategy, whether it's an agency or an in-house social media marketing expert.

Ten Biggest Challenges Facing Social Media Marketers

Measuring Return On Investment

Calculating the ROI is essential to track and show results. However, this can be tough because of all the diverse costs linked, such as technology, training, and labor. The various goals make it even tougher. That’s why determining some goals in advance is so important. This keeps your team fixated only on necessary KPIs. If your goal is to improve brand awareness, then your ROI will be dependent on the number of followers. If your goal is to boost sales, then your ROI will be dependent on the number of sales. Determine your goals before you start and to make it simpler to track your success.

Tying Social Activities to Business Result

While there is a plethora of data out there to prop up using social media marketing, it can still be a nerve-racking endeavor. The straight costs and time needed before seeing positive results can differ depending upon the industry, its objectives, and target audiences. Social media marketing shouldn’t be a quarterly goal always on the edge of being fired. It requires being incorporated into your business vision at every level.

Developing Social Media Marketing Strategies

There is no off-the-shelf approach to social media marketing. There are a lot of different platforms, a lot of demographics to each, and a lot of strategies that each platform needs. Staying up to date on the modern trends on each platform, as well as optimizing posts for every site, requires research and time. Plan your strategy depending upon this research and support your objectives with data.

Securing Enough Internal Resources

Businesses are operated by people, which mean they will have the same errors. It’s easy for businesses to keep running as they have been doing for years, although the landscape shifts. This approach can make it complicated for some businesses to get on the ship with social media marketing. Paying attention to concerns and providing data-driven solutions is the only way to change that way of thinking.

Tracking Results in a Centralized Dashboard

The best way to keep track of your business’s various social media profiles is by using social media management tools available. It’s totally time-consuming to go from one site to another, so with a centralized dashboard, you can see all of your networks, while also tracking mentions, competitors, and hashtags. With Monitoring, you can also remain up to date on all messages and notifications across your diverse networks.

Adjusting Social Media Strategies With Diverse Departments

Huge organizations have more problems organizing themselves to attain common goals. Every department wants to ensure individual success. The growth of the company, on the whole, relies on the senior members working jointly and mapping a strategy that will satisfy different departments and use the resources of each to make a consistent, long-term social media marketing strategy.

Understanding When to Take Action with Social Media Data

Each and every online activity can be tracked unless you have the data. Tracking the analytics of your social media marketing strategy demonstrates what’s working and which aspects need to be altered. This is why your social media marketing strategy asks for proper planning, a target audience, and precise KPIs. This enables you to track the data significant to your strategy and pay no attention to not related metrics.

Targeting The Right Audience

Developing a powerful strategy is all about your target audience. Clearly understand buyer personas are the groundwork of your entire strategy. The best way to figure out your buyer personas is to survey your existing clients and to monitor the success or failure of your competitors.

Targeting Ideal Platform

The majority of your customers are active on social media; you only have to find out which platform they are more active on. When planning your social media marketing strategy, you need to think:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Which are the highly used social media platforms?
  • What times are they online?

By understanding your target audience and how they make use of social media, you will increase your chances of success.

Finding Apt Social Media Management Tool

Your social media marketing strategy is basically dependent on using the right social media management tool. There is a galore of different options, though, that it can be confusing. It’s vital to make sure that the tool you choose has the functions you require to get your goals, such as a Social Media Dashboard, where you can keep an eye on all of your accounts effortlessly, Monitoring, so that you can have all of your notifications and messages at one place, and Analytics, so you know the count of your engagements and views. Scheduling and Auto Post are also essential features to ensure your accounts stay active.

The Final Say

While there may not be any one-size fits for all solution, there are aspects of making a social media marketing strategy that must be created to achieve success. First, you should spend time planning, identifying your target audience, learning several platforms, and creating the KPIs imperative to your objectives.

One of the easiest ways to attain success with your social media marketing strategy is to stay active. You need to put efforts to engage with your followers and for those who engage with you. Social media is social, and you should be social to keep growing your audience.

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